No I’m not lucky, I’m BLESSED, yes.

Just the other day, like any other day, I was having a good conversation with my mom on the phone. She was asking me about what my day was looking like that day. I told her I had my Massage scheduled and then Yoga at night. She remembered the day before, she called me when I was getting a pedicure and foot massage. She told me, “wow, you’re so lucky to have a husband like Jerald”.

Of course I gave her a “psssshhh, he’s lucky to have me, shiyooooot” only shortly before I admitted that I wasn’t lucky, but I was blessed. AM blessed. Ugh, see Nicki Minaj, you killed it for me! But that’s how I truly feel. But hey, the luckiness in this marriage is a reciprocated mutual feeling. Right, Babe? Knowing my husband, he’s probably going to say something so vain. Bahahaha.

Anyway…. During the same convo with mi madré, she was telling me why she thought I was lucky. Because of my pampered filled days? Hode up, Hode up! I know it’s nice of my husband to let me do these things (pretty pricey extracurricular activities I be doing). Buuuuut, maybe he thinks I deserve it?! Jerald, tell me I need to remove that question mark. Lol. And I believe I do.

He may be the bread winner. The sole money maker in this family, while I stay home with our kids and make sure our home is running well. But I work too, People! I may not get paid, but my job is just as tough or even tougher than my Power Plant Operating husband. He’ll be the first to tell you, trudat, too. I love my role as a mother, a wife, and a homemaker, but it is a lot of work. When Jerald is off, I, too, consider it my days off. He is home to help me with the boys, therefore I have a little free, me time.

According to Yahoo, this is how much a homemaker is worth. So if I were getting paid to do what I love, being a stay at home mommy, and a housewife…. I’d make more than I would as an LPN. Except of course, as a Nurse, I’d make real money, not make believe “what if” calculations. Even if I got paid as a homemaker, my husband would stilllllll be the bread winner. I’d never win. Everyone would still look at me as the lucky one, the spoiled one. Bah, humbug!

Okay, so maybe it is luck along with my blessings. There is never a day that goes by when I am not grateful or where I don’t recognize what I have. Everyday I am thankful for my blessings, my husband, my kids, my life! These extra activities and material things that I am able to do and buy by the full support of my husband, is not to be twisted. We are not rich! We are not “ballin'”. So my mister makes a pretty lucrative salary. But think about it… I don’t work. Divide his salary into two, it’d be like I am working. We also live in a city that is known to be low cost of living. So here in Vegas, I am able to stay home. We are able to pay our own mortgage and cars. If we stayed in Cali, all of this would be impossible. It’s way more expensive to live out there.

I’m kind of tired of hearing how spoiled me and my kids are, how lucky I am, blah blah blah. I pray everyday, and every night. In those prayers I include my gratitude. Any of this can be taken away any time. I don’t take any of this for granted. Instead, I’m just loving and living it. I love my life. So fine, I guess I am lucky. But I know that I am more blessed.

Money is only a commodity of materialism and the least important things in life.

My family are my true riches.

Yes, Mom, I am Lucky. You were the one who told me to choose my husband wisely. I did.


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