No Other Woman

This was the first Filipino movie we watched at a theater. One of my cousins from the Philippines posted the trailer on Fb. As soon as I saw Derek Ramsay (damn, he gives me a phantom boner every time *biting fist*), Anne Curtis (my favorite on TFC), plus the story line… I knew I had to see it.

When it released here in Vegas, it was showing in two theaters. The night we went, both theaters were crazy packed. Don’t get it twisted, I love my Filipino peoples, but I don’t think I can do that again. Watch another Filipino movie at the theaters, with thaaaat many loud, egotistical, staring problem, rude, psssst saying people. With that many Filipinos condensed into this wide-spaced room, seated so closely together, are eyes rolling, twitch inducing, tagalog whispering then laughing while looking at you, bastosing one another — waiting to happen. I guess you won’t really feel me unless you’re Filipino. With all of our strong personalities, we are bound to clash — unless we from the same ‘hood in the Philippines or we be knowing the same peoples.

Anyway, back to the movie. I love Anne Curtis, I really do. I’ve kept up with most of her shows on TFC (yes, I’m a subscriber lol), and I look forward to her outfits of the day when I’m tuned in. Although she played an awesome mistress and plausible villain. Standing ovation worthy even…. I am oppose to her character, Kara. Team wifey, I was. Cristine Reyes, whom I really don’t follow much on TFC, portrayed a really great goody two-shoes housewife. Her character, Charmaine, made me really like her. I felt her throughout this movie. In this love triangle, Derek Ramsay (my Sancho), plays the role of Ram. He is thee man who fell into the insidious temptation of adultery.

You have to see this movie for yourself. I bought the DVD (duh, I buy all the Derek Ramsay movies), and it has English subtitles for those of you who does not fully understand Tagalog like myself or have a translator handy (my hubby lol). Without being biased because of my faves in this movie, I highly recommend it. It made me feel what they felt, it brought tears to my eyes, not to mention I sobbed at the theaters. During the punch line moments and jokes in the movie, I think I was the only one NOT laughing. The Tagalog in those parts were too deep for my blood, and my husband was too slow for translation.

I wanted to post this, not for review, but because of recognizing the possibilities of homewreckin’ bitches out there, like Kara. Men truly do think with their dicks sometimes. My man is an intelligent being, and I trust him to the fullest. If he knows what’s best, he’d always be thinking with his mind and heart. Buuuut, many bitches out there are conniving. Especially if they know of the high commodity your husband is, oh it’s on. They will scheme for entrapment of your man. There aren’t many good guys left. Therefore, they’re after yours. I’m holding on to mine as tight as possible. “Ladies, if you love your man, show him you the flyest.” – Beyoncé

And vice versa. No excuses. This shit can happen both ways. Fellas, if you love your woman, always keep the flame burning. Show her how much you love her, not by the words you speak or the material things you buy, but by your actions. Ladies, take the time to cook and cater to your man. Not because Destiny’s Child says so, but because you have to show him your love as well. Don’t allow your relationship to fail because the fire has burnt out, or another a bitch or another man has intervened in what you’ve lacked. Love eachother deeply. Communicate often. Make sweet and even nasty dirty love in bed. Call eachother something cutesy. Touch eachother. Hold hands. Laugh together. Enjoy one another. Before it’s too late, and your “other half” will be doing these things with someone else.

Try me, bitches! You too, Jerald. This is not a threat, I’m serious. I will pull a Lorena Bobbit on your ass! Wait never mind, my kids are too precious and they’ll need me. Jail isn’t an option, so never mind. I’d just let God handle it lol.


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