Food in this city

One thing I absolutely love about living in Las Vegas is the abundant choices in dining. Okay, now retrospectively, maybe it’s more of a love/hate kind of thing. Coming from a small town with limited food spots (although nostalgically consisting of some of my faves), and into this bigger city with so many to choose from. Some days when we feel like dining out or in, or grabbing something to-go, it gets rather difficult. With the factors of picky kids, a variety of restaurants, distance and traffic, are all reasons why decision making is worse for indecisive people like us.

Thanks to Yelp, it has helped us a notch in decision making (for the most part). In our area, I think we have already covered most of the highlighted and most reviewed and raved about spots. But living here for almost 2 years, we’ve also gotten so tired of eating the same stuff. Even if it’s weeks apart since the last time we had something, it still feels like I just had its taste in my mouth. Our problem is, once we find a spot we like, we tend to order or eat from there intermittently within a couple of weeks. Not enough time to cleanse our palate I guess, because that’s how we get sick of it.

I enjoy cooking for my family, but same shit goes. Maybe I need to step my cooking game up and broaden my menu, because I feel like I’m on a scheduled routine. I cook the same stuff, just a different day of the week lol. I mean, my kids and husband don’t complain, but maybe they’re just being nice LOL. I get tiiiiired of my own cooking real quick. Therefore, we turn to dining out every so often.

I really love having date nights with the mister out here though. Well, even back in Cali, we made the most of our date nights. I think we are near being bonafide steakhouse connoisseurs. Self-proclaimed! LOL. With this big of a city, and our lack of babysitters, we have a loooong way to go. From chains we used to love since Cali, such as Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris, to Brazilian steakhouses like Texas De Brazil. We are hardcore carnivores who loooves steaks.

The last few we’ve been to, have been competing with eachother, as far as my taste buds go. CraftSteak at MGM, the steak we got was bursting with flavors that left a lasting impression. Mm-hmm, I can still taste the yummy party it left in my mouth. N9NE at Palms, we shared a caveman status 40 oz rib eye. This son of a beef was huuuge, it could have fed a whole village. It was thick and pre-cut before us, so I was worried it would lose it’s flavors and tenderness. Nope, it was still on point. I really liked N9NE for it’s semi-clubby slash fine dining ambience. Next time, we’ll definitely get smaller steaks lol. For Valentines, hubby took me to Del Frisco’s. We’ve been wanting to go there for some time now, and finally had a chance to. I’d have to say, best in customer service thus far. Hands down! Here we opted for the 32 oz Wagyu ribeye. Wow! How do I ever go back to regular steaks? Geez!! The lobster Mac and cheese there has got to be my favorite side dish out of all the side dishes I’ve ever had though lol. Omg, it was so delicious.

Next date night, we are thinking of trying Cut Steakhouse or Prime. I’m excited! I need to learn more about wine pairings. After years of being a so-called wineaux, I suck at wine pairing meals. I just know to pick my Pinot Grigio of choice if I’m having seafood, or Pinot Noir of choice if having meat, since im a Pinot kind of gal. I really wish Jerald was a wine drinker. It would be so much cheaper to just buy a bottle. Perhaps he learned his lesson from Ruth’s Chris circa 2005. We bought a bottle of Coppola Black Claret for $50, but soon later learning it’s only a $20 bottle at retail. $15 at costco. LOL. Now, that bottle still makes it to my #1 spot in favorite red wine.


Del Frisco’s


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