Lent 2012

Lent begins this Wednesday. Every year, around this time, I am usually contemplating on what to give up for 46 days. I must say, it gets easier every year. I hope this year, my son can participate. Only a couple months shy of 6 years old, he still has not absorbed the concept of sacrifice. I try to tell him the story about Easter and why we get our ashes on Wednesday. He seems to be listening and interested at the time of my speech and attempt at religion didactic (which I probably suck at), but he loses the information minutes later lol. Last year he said he was giving up candy, but then he took it back in a quickness. His efforts was cute.

Like every single year since I could remember, I always have to give up Chocolate. As you may or may not know, it is my utmost guiltiest pleasure. I’m boring and keeps it classic, so chocolate sacrifice it is again this year. In 2010, I gave up social networking for the first time. I did very well. As a matter of fact, even with the abrupt quitting of FB for 46 days, when i was able to get back on, it kind of weaned me off of the addictive pressures the freaking site brings. I knew I could live without it, but it’s just nice to have as far as keeping in touch with family and friends purposes. This year, I will give that a try again. Of course with the exception of my blog. Lastly, I’ve decided to give up eating more than a cup of white rice in a day. Being a traditional Filipino dieter, this one is going to be tough. I really should omit rice completely off my diet, but I can go a few days without. Longer than that, and I’ll be tappin out anyway.

Wish me luck!


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