I love being V.I.B.

So as a Sephora V.I.B., I get emails every so often about free offers. You usually have to spend a certain amount in order to get the free gift, but it’s about $35. That usually covers my Philosophy purity or Clarisonic Mia brush refills and/or other necessities needed for my daily regimen. V.I.B. gift offers usually come around the same time I need to pick up some products anyway.

V.I.B. is different from a being an ordinary Beauty Insider, which I think every girl on this planet should already be by default, right? Lol. VIB is Very Important Beauty Insider. In order to get VIB status, you need to spend a certain amount within a year. I don’t remember the amount, but my guess is $350. I usually reach that, not because too much of cosmetic and leisure buying, but mostly facial, hair, body, and nails needs. More of things I actually need.

So ladies, if your rituals and regime consist of products that are sold at Sephora, I suggest you buy from there. I know Philosophy, Bumble & Bumble, L’Occitane, Lorac, Urban Decay, Stila, Benefit, etcetera… Are sold in many department stores, but buying from Sephora will benefit you. Beauty Insider points gets you free awesome samples that are in really good sizes. If you earn your way up to VIB, it gets even better.

This month’s VIB offer, I was due for my Purity cleanser and my Murad Toner, so I was able to pick up my free gift. I have to show you what I got because it is so freaking coooool. I got a cute little NARS gift bag with goodies. NARS is love. A cute little size Laguna bronzer, a shadow primer, and the orgasm illuminator. Laguna bronzer is my absolute fave, and I’m down to the tin. This sample size came at the right time. Can’t wait to try the primer and see what the orgasm illuminator us all about. I absolutely love NARS orgasm line. The blush and lipgloss are amazing.

On that same day I was out at Sephora, it was a must to stop by the MAC store. The Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick came out that same day. I had to get my hands on one before it sold out. I also picked up just a couple things from the Shop Cook collection.

I’d have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m not as bad as I used to be about over indulging in MAC products all at once. Especially around this time, Februaries. This is when all the cute collections come out and I find myself over spending on them. I now admit, it wasn’t because I needed them or even really wanted them. It was more because of my bad habit of collecting them, especially for their limited edition packaging. Hurray, I’m over all that. For the past year or so, I haven’t really been buying much MAC products. Just a few things here and there every few months. In retrospect, I used to be so badddddddd with this addiction in cosmetics. MAC specifically.

Blah blah blah. That’s all.

Here is the NARS gift, the goodies, and the Laguna comparison of my regular size and almost empty compact to the cute baby size Laguna that was part of the goody bag.


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