Date night.

Last Thursday, same routine went on. Breakfast, getting the kids fed, bathed, dropped and picked Isaiah off at school, and so on. Jerald was off, as it was the first day of his 5 days off. Before evening came along, it dawned on me that we can go out that night (and any night as long as my parents are avail). My parents have officially moved to Vegas last week. SITTERS!!! Woohoo!

But Thursday? What was there to do for low-key people like us?! I enjoy dressing up, but not down for clubbing or anything crazy Vegas style. Where do we turn to for help?! yelp! It brought us upon a steakhouse at the Silverton Casino called Twin Creeks. Perfect, it’s seriously just a few blocks away from home. As we got ready for our little date night, my parents were able to worry about the kids’ dinner for a change. One night I needn’t worry about it. Instead, I actually had time to do both my hair and makeup. Something that I am used to being scarce. It’s usually, none or one or the other. It felt so nice.

We get to the restaurant, and it being located inside a casino, we dangerously had to wait to be seated outside of the restaurant. Dangerous? Yes, because that meant we had to gamble lol. My husband is a tables or poker kind of guy, but I convinced him to just play slots with me. Right before being called about our seats being ready, Jerald won a little bit. Soon later knowing, it was enough to pay for our bill and some.

Yelp had raved about this place not only because of their entrees, service, and drinks, but also because of their happy hour. We were there in time for happy hour so we opted to sit at the bar. Yes, there was a wait for the bar. We ordered some tapas and drinks, and shared a dinner plate.

Tapas: stuffed mushrooms, and calamari (that never came, so we cancelled. I wasn’t mad, I got comped a free Sangria).
Dinner: 32oz Tomahawk ribeye, Mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes.
Drinks: red sangria, white sangria, and perfect passion martini.
Aaaaand a basket of yummy artisan bread with whipped butter on the side.

With tapas and drinks being 50% off for happy hour, and our dinner, our bill had an invisible happy face. The food was pretty impressive and really yummy. Something comparable to the other steakhouses we’ve been to lately, but about 75% off what we have been paying. Super cool! We are definitely making Twin Creeks a regular spot for us. Especially after getting $15 food comps from the mail, for every week in the month of March.

Overall, we had a good time. Just a couple of hours without the babies, and we already missed them a lot. But it was nice to have Mommy and Daddy time. Even if it was just over drinks and dinner, we got to talk and laugh alone a little. I can really get used to this. Perks of the parents
Relocating here.

mister and misses

red sangria and perfect passion

the yummy fruits in my sangria

Our bartender, Precious. Yes, that’s his name.

the white sangria I got for free

yummy artisan bread basket

stuffed mushrooms

house salad was really good

Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes

32 oz tomahawk ribeye with gravy and a side of roasted garlic head

Isaiah missed me

putting my big boy to sleep after I read him a book


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