Ready to tap out

I am so close to tapping out. It hasn’t even been a full 2 weeks of Lent. I’m doing well with the white rice thing, since there are days I can live without it. Chocolates, not so well. My kids eat chocolate chip cookies in front of me! I ate Karson’s left over once lol. I also had a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Bahhh, humbug!

I’m still doing better than I expected with the chocolate sacrifice. I no longer have any Godiva, snickers, kit kats, twix, almond m&ms, or hersheys hugs stashed anywhere within my easy reach. [I just made myself drool thinking about my favorite chocolates.]

Social networking….. So, I signed onto fb to grab a picture. Is that cheating? My hubby shows me people’s pictures and posts on his FB and IG. Is that cheating? I confess!!!!! This time around, I am not as strong and firm about this. Perhaps it’s my being very distant in location from family and close friends. FB has been a good source of communication and attribute to my sanity out here in Vegas. I miss my peoples more than ever! I am even forgetting faces, too. (LOL)

This morning, I got a text from my cousin, telling me she misses me on FB. I remember in 2010, when I gave this up for lent, my girlfriends were all telling me the same. The feeling is mutual guys!!! I need to be firm, and stick with this. But should I give into temptation, Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive me!!

I need a job! I need a hobby! I need to make use of my gym membership on the regular! Something!!!! Being a stay at home Mom doesn’t make this any easier. Once the motherly and housewife duties have been met and the boys are keeping themselves busy, I usually resort to browsing my social apps at the convenience of my palms and fingertips via iPhone. Now, I find myself flipping through the channels or eating something. I play with my boys but I think they figured out I’m too girly for some of their roughneck little games and toys, that I’m hardly asked to join.

Jerald just bought us an iMac, which is a super cool new toy, but again….. Another means of temptation. Although it hasn’t been 2 weeks, I am still giving myself props for the willpower thus far. Thanks to this blog, I have resisted from typing in But I also find myself in dangerous situations. Resisting from FB also has been leading me to more shopping sites. Ask Jerald, and he’ll probably agree to how dangerous it’s been. *evil laghter*. Shopping suffices anything. One of my effective therapies. If I can’t socialize online, fine, I’ll shop!

This is why I have always given up more than one thing every year. I submit to my temptations. At the end of it all, I am usually down to my word with at least one of my sacrificial promises. Give me credit for that!


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