Once you go MAC, you’ll never go back.

The title goes for both MAC apple products, and MAC Cosmetics. Duh!

Anyway……. We are officially apple’d out. The only thing missing among our gadgets is a MacBook, which we really care less for. That’s why we have an iPad 2.

We currently have our iPod touches, iPhone 4s’, apple tv, and iPad 2. Our latest addition to the family is the iMac desktop computer. Hubby says it’s my early Mother’s Day gift. But shhhh, he has to forget so I can get another MD gift lol.

Coming from using PC’s of various brands, as well as laptops….. Upgrading to the iMac was the best decision. The iMac is super cool. I wish I had more time to play around with it, getting to know all about it. One day someday, I shall commit to doing that.



One thought on “Once you go MAC, you’ll never go back.

  1. I have a MacBook Pro, but I want the new 27′ iMac so bad it hurts!!!!!

    It sounds like we are just as “appled out” as you guys are! both have the iPad 2, a couple of iPhone 4s’s and an Apple TV (I think we have an ipod touch sitting in a drawer somewhere too…)

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