Shopaholics Anonymous

Is there such a thing? I need to check into one. Once I start, I get into this frenzy, where I just want to keep buying. Blaming my husband for supporting my habits just might make him cut me off. Therefore, I am the only person to blame [ LOL ].

From cheaper stores like F21 and H&M, to Nordstroms and other stores like Zara, Bebe, sephora, mac, etc…. I can’t help but go into these stores, and want to buyyyy! Whyyyyy? I realize I don’t NEED all these clothes, accessories, makeup, purses, and shoes I buy on impulse. Truth be told, I rarely even go out enough to wear them.

Sometimes I go on a big haul in a day frenzy or collective hauls during a period of time. Something here, this and that there. Oh, and did I mention that I’m a great online [window] shopper? It’s all these store promotion emails I get. I can’t help but click on the links and waste my time looking through the websites. Most of the time, I find something I like. :/ I’ll either order from there or make it a point to find it in the stores soon.

I live in Vegas, where I’m sure I can find the majority of the stuff I used to have to shop online for, or travel to other cities for. Even more dangerous for my shopping itch! Here, I don’t even have to make a mission out of my shopping trips by going to the busy malls all the time. There are little affordable boutique stores in my neighborhood and nearby areas. Imagine my temptation before going into a grocery store with one of those boutiques in the same shopping center. You feel me?!

I have to say though, shopping is therapeutic. After a long week of being home, fulfilling my motherly and wifey duties, I’m in dire need for some kind of therapy. I mean, my kids complete me and are the core to my happiness…… But I’m also a woman who enjoys shopping. Amongst yoga, massages, and pedis, shopping also keeps my brain chemicals balanced ;).

Hoard much? Never that! I find myself cleaning out my closet just as often as I shop. Some things I can’t let go, and stay in my closet collecting dust…. But I usually find bags full of goodies to donate or send to my family in the Philippines. Same goes for old shoes, makeup, purses, and accessories. It’s pretty much a trade [[making myself feel better]]. Out with the old, in with the new, something like that.

Don’t get it twisted…… My kids come before me. Their gear game is on top before mine. We buy for them as much as we do for ourselves. Growing up, I’ve witnessed too many kids whose parents dressed better than them. Seeing that always saddened me. Their pants being to short and high from the ground. Shoes being raggedy. But their Mom’s rocking Louis Vuitton and banging new outfits. Sorry, not my kids. They are shopped for just the same, if not, better.

I’m over buying designer jeans and name brand clothing. Like CoCo Chanel says, “fashion changes, but style remain”. Spending too much money on something that’ll go out of style soon is ridiculous. Something I used to be guilty of. I’m not rich but I’d rather spend money on pieces that are timeless and can be worthy of vintage pieces in the future, such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci purses.

You can’t knock on Forever 21. That’s my utmost favorite place to shop these days. More now than ever because their style and quality has evolved through the years. Especially after they’ve been opening up ridiculously huge stores. I always feel lost and take hours in them. A love, hate situation if you will….. But at the end of the day, it is the best place to have more bang for your buck. Sure, a lot of their things don’t last forever…… You get what you pay for. By the time the material goes bad, it’s on to the next one anyway. Don’t front, you know you love Forever 21. I hate when people try to act like they rarely shop there. Pssssh, these are the secret Forever 21 lovers hahaha.


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