Weekly Masks

Boscia facial masks are the shit!!! I have been using them for about 6 months now, alternating the two I’m about to mention. I am always getting compliments about my skin, and I’m not sure which of my facial regimen and skin care to thank for that. Subjectively, I think my skin is just okay. Considering all the other junk I wear (makeup).

Maybe in another blog will I list all of the products I use and especially love in my daily/weekly regimen. But for now, I’d like to rave about my masks. Even though I have a monthly facial or massage membership, I admit, I usually pick the massage for that month. I know facials can be beneficial but I can’t help but opt for the relaxing full body massage. *sigh*.

This month my husband has a free facial/massage as part of his membership package. He is gifting it to me, so this month I can do both a facial and a massage. Then I’ll have something to compare my own regime to. I’d love to be able to get facials on the regular, but I still feel pretty comfy in my skin. I must be doing something right. *knocks on wood*. I usually break out when I’m about to get my monthly visit from my homegirl red. *winks*

On to the Boscia masks. The first one is the Boscia Clarifying Mask. This one is $25. It’s a thick green muddy/creamy/minty clay-like mask consisting of pure botanical and herb ingredients. My biggest concern before I started this was if it contained Sulfur like the Queen Helene Julep masques. I’m allergic to sulfur. It doesn’t say in the ingredients so I gave it a shot. This mask sets for only about 5 minutes. It is so much easier to wash off than most other green clay masks.


I used to use this twice a week until I started using the other one. Now, once a week of this stuff is all I use. I like this because I feel like it opens up my pores and help release excess dirt and oil not lifted off from my makeup remover. However, I think my facial wash (makeup remover) is the bomb as well.

The other mask I love is the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask which is $34. This one I absolutely can not live without. It’s good stuff. I use this about once a week. (sometimes I skip because I don’t have 20 minutes of free time all the time). I apply this evenly throughout my face and let it sit for nearly 20 minutes before peeling it off. Yes, peel. After using this, it always feels like a great treat for my face. My face always feels extra smooth and soft after. It even pulls off white and black heads. Amazing! It’s so wonderful, my husband uses it. LOL.



Go out and get it! I buy mine at Sephora.


One thought on “Weekly Masks

  1. I’ve always been interested in trying the boscia masks! Maybe now I will splurge and Try one!
    xo, Summer

    Check out my beauty blog? naturalglamour.wordpress.com

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