Bow and BB Cream

I keep hearing about this BB Cream stuff. I read a little about it but I have not been convinced enough to go out and hunt for thee one.

When I was at Nordie’s buying my Lancôme stuff at the counter, the lady that was helping me was actually from the Smashbox counter. After she collected everything I needed to buy at Lancôme, she tried promoting the Smashbox BB Cream foundation to me. I wasn’t trying to hear her though because I was done and wanted to continue with my shopping elsewhere. I kind of rushed her after hearing her tell me it has been very popular since its release. She kindly have me a small jarred sample of it despite my being kinda sorta rude for rushing her.

It has been a few weeks since getting the sample. I always see it in my makeup drawers but have been ignoring it. Yesterday, I was rushing while applying my makeup. I usually reach for my Chanel Double Perfection or MAC Studio Fix powder when I’m in a rush. Instead of ignoring the BB Cream that time, I decided to try it.

I applied it on my face using only my fingertips. After a couple of layers, I was happy with the coverage. About medium coverage is what it gave me. I’m usually a matte finish kind of girl, so I didn’t really like it at first. It was dewy and very oily looking right after application. Giving it the benefit of the doubt and because I had no time to redo my foundation, I continued with the rest of my makeup.

After seeing my face for the rest of the day, I must say, it settled in my skin very well. The oiliness diminished a bit, while the dewy finish was something I could totally live with. It was a subtle glow yet very fresh looking. Today I decided to try the foundation again. This time I noticed how well it continued to look after hours and hours since application. All in all, I think I’m in love.

Now I wish I had listened to what the Smashbox lady was telling me. I’d like to know more of its benefits. Since I was in such a hurry, I don’t even remember what the color was called. It could have been either medium or dark. Next week I’m making it a point to hit a Sephora up to purchase this product.

Here are a couple of pictures I took of myself with my handy dandy front facing camera. Thanks to Pinterest, I found an easy tutorial on how to create a bow with my hair. Instead of the regular top or sock bun I’d usually rock, I decided to try this bow hair. It was a twist to my boring top bun. I got so many compliments at the mall. Even Isaiah enjoyed it. Maybe he was making fun because he kept telling me I looked like Hello Kitty.




4 thoughts on “Bow and BB Cream

  1. I was skeptical about BB Creams as well, but after I tried them, I will never go back! Great post!
    xo, Summer

    Check out my beauty blog?

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