‘Lettes Macarons

As I sit here at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in Pasadena, waiting for our dinner, I decided to blog about macarons…… again. Only because we just came from ‘Lettes Macarons from downtown Pasadena. Whenever we’re driving through town, these are a couple of the few places among Max of Manila and Pinkberry, where we stop to get our grub on.

As usual, I bought a dozen to go. I always feel like a fatty when I go there because I’m usually the one that has the biggest order out of all the people in line with me. Today, I noticed everyone buying the rose flavor. Never tried that, so I added a couple in my dozen along with some salted caramel, coffee, Rasberry, passion fruit, and lemon. I was a little disappointed that they ran out of Pistachio and Vanilla.

Biting into the Rose flavor was pleasantly…. Weird! It was like biting into a rose petal with a strong rose fragrance. The aroma and taste pungently became apparent inside my mouth and into my smell senses, as I masticated the delicate cookie. Never buying that flavor again, but I think it’s a must try.







2 thoughts on “‘Lettes Macarons

  1. I love that place! Totally random to come across a blogger writing about an establishment a block or two from my apt. I think my favorite flavor is the salted caramel…..or maybe the coconut. Yum! I flippin love Roscoe’s too. “Carol C. Special” all the way. =)

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