Custom Vanity

About 3 years or so ago, I so badly wanted a Hollywood looking vanity by Vanity Girl Hollywood. I remember the one I specifically wanted was nearly $500. What the hell? That’s too much money for what it is, I thought.

Even though I’ve been drooling over the Vanity Girl Hollywood vanity, I couldn’t get myself to pay the price. Since I would not pay the price, I also tried convincing myself that I didn’t need it anymore. I guess I could not convince myself enough. It came to a point where I no longer wanted the Vanity Girl one, but I still wanted a vanity.

Envisioning MY vanity was fun. I remember wanting something that was vintage Hollywood-inspired. I still see them around on tv, like in backstage dressing rooms. But for some reason, they remind me of Marilyn Monroe or Aubrey Hepburn. Maybe that’s why I call it a “vintage” Hollywood vanity.

I wanted round bulbs all around the mirror. I definitely wanted a dimmer switch. After going over my dream vanity with my husband, he said he would just build me one. He is quite the handy man. There’s not a thing I can think of that this man can not do. He’s made us an upholstered headboard before. One that was always jocked and received so many compliments on. He’s also renovated our kitchen. I was so excited for him to do this project.

Shopping for materials took about a few days. I remember he had to order the dimming switch online. He also had to connect all the wires together with the dimmer switch. I wouldn’t know a thing about how or what he did. The final product was exactly how I imagined it. It was pretty impressive how the mister was so on point. Even the desk for my vanity was perfect. It matched our bedroom furniture well. I bought a little cart with drawers for my makeup, and it leveled well with my vanity desk. All in all, I am so happy I didn’t buy a Vanity Girl Hollywood. I’ll leave those for the little spoiled teens or little girls, as it fits them well.


Here I am getting ready with the lights on.

How my Vanity looked yesterday.  So cluttered and messy.  ugh!

My vanity area this morning after I cleaned up.  Ideally, I’d like for it to be kept this clean on the regular.

A Bonus pic.  Our kitchen before and after the hubby redid it.
My vanity in the beginning of 2011.

Here’s a video I posted on youtube sometime last year.


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