Perfecting My Brows

Do you suffer from Whoopi Goldberg syndrome? Or are you suffering from Chola syndrome? Sans eyebrow makeup, I am definitely struggling with Whoopi Goldberg syndrome. My eyebrows are so light and practically invisible. But up close and personal, it’s there, I promise.

If I am ever asked which ONE makeup item I can’t live without. Just one! Although I’m not a fan of them, I would have to say an eyebrow pencil. I prefer filling my eyebrows in with something in powder form, but that would mean I’d need tools to apply them with. I will use eyebrow pencils from time to time, but I usually opt for my eyebrow shadows. It just looks cleaner and much more natural to me. With a pencil, I feel like I can get carried away too easily.

Eyebrow obsession didn’t come into my life until about a few years ago when I realized my face was just out of balance. Something was not right. I especially knocked some sense into myself when I saw pictures of me at my 25th birthday. I had my makeup
done at the MAC counter then. Either the artist wanted me to look like a thin-sharpie-using-Chola or she really didn’t have much hair to work with because my eyebrows were so thin. Here are some pictures of my thin, unhappy eyebrows that threw my facial expressions in all the weird places.


This one was my 25th birthday. La Sad Brows much?

I decided it was time for a change. Goodbye thin out of shape eyebrows! I had to caterpillar them out for a while. Ladies, you feel me?! You think in between waxing or threading is bad? Try growing them out completely. It is the only way to reshape them nicely. For the past few years, I’ve finally perfected my brows. I think I’ll keep them this way for the rest of my life. I don’t care if Whoopi Goldberg or Chola steez become a trend!!

I do believe the eyebrows really do frame the face. Go look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel balanced? If not, it’s probably your eyebrows. Do you look mad, even when you’re not? It’s probably your eyebrows. Do you look lost, even though you’re very much oriented? Then it’s probably your eyebrows.

If you’re satisfied with the way you look, even if you do have Whoopie or Chola syndrome, then by all means, keep on ma! That’s all that matters. Your self confidence and perception of beauty and comfort. This is my liking and where I find solace in my face. I am proud to present my much fuller and nicer eyebrow regime. If you’d like to know which products I use on the regular, and how I apply my eyebrows, then keep reading.

These are the products I use to create my ideal everyday brows. From left to right: MAC 204 lash/brow brush, Anastasia brow highlighter, MAC duo eyebrow powder (limited edition, but you can use any eyeshadow) , MAC wax pencil (I believe it is now discontinued), MAC eyebrow gel, and NOT PICTURED because I forgot -MAC 266 angled brush (preferably the short limited edition one because it is thicker)

Here are my naked brows. Apparent hair but very thin and colorless. Apply wax over brows if available.

With the 204, brush your eyebrows so that all the hairs are nicely groomed.

With the 266LE, dab into the eyebrow/eyeshadow color of choice (never black, please!), then outline eyebrows.

After outline, begin to fill in your brows, following the direction of your hairs. Add more color accordingly.

Fill in until desired look.

Brush with 204. This will blend the color and also groom your hairs.

Set with eyebrow gel.

Before stepping out of the house, make sure your eyebrows are aligned with your facial structure. The eyes are the key to this. You can also do this before you begin. Make sure the beginning of your brow lines up with the inner part of your eye.

I didn’t capture the picture right, but next, make sure your arch aligns diagonally with the pupil of your eye.

The outer part of your brows should align well with the outer part of your eye.

This is optional, but when I have time, I like to highlight my brows. It gives it a little more popping power.

Add highlight above and below the outside parts of your brows.

Like this…

With the tips of my (unmanicured) fingers, blend highlight color until fused with the rest of your makeup and skin.

Do the same for the top.

Done! Then I usually do the rest of my eyes. I like to do my brows before my my other eye makeup.

Today, I kept it very simple and minimal. Less is more (sometimes).



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