DIY: vintage inspired denim vest

Since I could remember, I have been into altering my own clothes. My sewing skills (lack thereof, actually) suck, but that doesn’t stop me. I remember learning how to use a sewing machine in a home ec. class back in High School, but even if I decided to invest in one, I could not remember where to begin.

Back when I used to sing with my group, I remember me and my girl Jan used to make our own outfits. It was straight hoodrich, but they still turned out cute. At least we thought so then. Mind you, this was circa ’99-01. Through the years, I’d attempt at my own pants alterations, with the exception of my designer jeans of course. I left those to the pros to handle for me.

I’d transform jeans to shorts, a maxi skirt into a mini skirt plus a top or a head-wrap. I like cutting up old shirts into something new. All I need are scissors, .99 cents sewing kit, and sometimes a tape measure.

Today, while putting my laundry away, I found an old denim jacket. It was a darker wash, and the style was something I couldn’t see myself wearing again. It has been hanging there since we moved here a couple of years ago, unworn. I have another denim jacket that is a lighter wash, which I affiliate more with the Spring/Summer anyway. Instead of adding it to my donate pile, I decided to recycle them somehow.

What better way to remix this piece than to bring back the ’90’s Denim Collared Vest. Hellz yeah!!! Although I already own a denim vest, it is not collared. The collared denim vest reminds me of 90210 era. Remember when they’d dress it up with a floral dress? It also reminds me of the rugged punk rock Emily Valentine. This style is so versatile! You can dress it up, down, or in between. I can’t wait pair it with some colored shorts, a bandage skirt, or a maxi dress.




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