Packages: Accessories

Sometimes online shopping is so much better! I don’t know about you but I love receiving packages. It’s like opening a gift every time. As much as I love shopping at Forever 21, I don’t really like shopping at the actual stores. Scratch that….. It’s more of a love/hate kind of thing.

Shopping online is actually fun. I can’t try them on, but I like how we are able to exchange online items at their stores. It’s a little more convenient for me because I absolutely hate the mission between point A and point B here in Vegas sometimes. I’m allergic to overly crowded spaces.

The past few packages and shopping I’ve received and have done were mostly accessories. I’ve hauled a pretty good amount of clothes and shoes for the past month or so, but am still catching myself buying more here and there. I don’t think I’ll ever post clothing hauls because i wouldn’t have the time and energy to take pictures of everything and post them. Even though my pictures are often heavy in my blogs already, I think clothing hauls would be too much.

I wouldn’t normally post my shopping hauls either, but these pieces I’ve collected recently are all share worthy!!





Jewel Mint Arabian Nights
Bonus pic: ombré nails



BCBGeneration Affirmation Bracelets: Sweet and Love.





These two were from Sparkle by Patty’s Closet. Patty’s Closet and Sparkle are boutique stores here in Vegas.


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