Sparkle by Patty’s Closet

Ladies! Especially if you are in Las Vegas!! If you’re from Las Vegas then you’ve probably heard of Patty’s Closet. Patty’s Closet are boutiques in various locations here in Las Vegas. They carry cute and trendy clothes and accessories which they receive shipments of twice a week in each location. Their thing is, their items are all unique. They only receive a couple items in each size for each style. You won’t expect to see the same things at larger chain stores, or even in other Patty’s Closet stores.

The other day, I visited the Patty’s Closet closest to me, off of Rainbow. The girl asked me of I’ve been to their new Sparkle store off of Blue diamond and Cimarron. I used to go there when it was Patty’s Closet but not since they transformed it into Sparkle. Just like it’s Mother stores, you could expect the same unique terms at Sparkle, but it is all costume jewelry!

Soon after my Patty’s Closet visit the other day, I rushed over to Sparkle. It’s not far from where I was, but it was near closing. After learning that it was all costume jewelry, I could not wait ’til the next day to pay the store a visit.

I expected more, but the size and quantity of the stuff they carried was good enough for me! Surprisingly, I loved it. They carried so much unique and very trendy pieces. If only I had not shopped so much lately, I would have swept a whole rack of things into my cart. Alas, I brought myself to buying only 2 items.

I especially loved their section of rose gold jewelry, as they would very much match my Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watch. One of the bracelets I bought, I am proud of finding. It has all the elements I love in metal color. Silver, gold, and rose gold. This piece is so versatile, I’d be able to rock it with anything.

It’s pretty pricey here, since the quality seems comparable to Forever 21 and H&M jewelry. But the styles are so versatile and worthy of a few more bucks.

Rose Gold wall

Just one of the necklace sections.




Arm Candy!!!



My happy purchase of only 2 items. With a coupon for 20% off of one item, both cost me around $21. Not bad!


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