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How much do you pay for your haircuts? How about hair color? I’m used to paying $40 for haircuts, anywhere. As far as hair color, I haven’t had my hair dyed in so many years until the beginning of this year when I decided to go ombré. With my hair being so long, I forget how expensive getting hair color done. It’s so high maintenance being a woman!

Living in Vegas, you’d think it’d be easy finding a “good” salon. It’s really the opposite. I’m so used to getting my routine haircuts with Melinda at Lush Salon back in my hometown. She just knew exactly what I needed done without me having to say.

I’ve been on a hunt looking for salons with really good reviews here in Vegas. I know reviews and opinions are subjective, but they really do help influence my decision. Yelp is my best friend.

Last year, I went to Mosaic Salon in the Southeast side of town. I loved my haircut and especially love the place because they use Bumble & Bumble products. B&B has got to be one of my top fave hair products, especially the shampoos. Although I liked the place and said I’d go back, I found myself looking for other salons when the time came for me to get another cut. Ugh! I wish I just went back to Mosaic.

Out of impulse, I wanted to get my hair dyed. I wanted to go ombré. There is this salon that I always see when I am driving on Rainbow Blvd. The name is so catchy, Pigs & Pomps. Short for pigtails and pompadours. Reviews are mediocre, so I don’t know what brought me there. Damn that catchy name of theirs. My haircut sucked and my ombré was so bad, it just looked like I had outgrown months and months of roots. The thing is, I didn’t see the flaws until a few days after. I probably paid less than $100, which I thought I was getting a great deal. I guess you really do get what you pay for.

Just weeks after my Pigs & Pomps experience, Groupon was selling a Haircut, Hair Color and Treatment for $50 at Hotbox Salon. I immediately searched their reviews and reputation online. Sure enough, everything looked impressive. 4-5 stars with really good written reviews. Bought the groupon and made an appointment right away.

Luckily I was given an appointment with Amber. Not only is she super cool and sweet, she is talented. She went to a Paul Mitchell school, and also teaches. Of course my expectations were high, but she met them at the end of my first visit with her. Hotbox Salon is a very eccentric salon. The ladies are all friendly and they all seem to have great hair. I think that tells a lot about stylists. This salon offers you drinks before getting started. Not just water, but wine and sangria too.

The hair treatment I got here, I absolutely fell in love with the products. Moroccan Oil, where have you been all my life? Getting this treatment done at the salon once is about $25-50. I decided to just buy the products (about $60-80), so I can give myself the hair treatment at home. Let me tell you, this stuff is amazing! My hair feels and looks – alive!! Even with the bleached ends.

My first visit at Hotbox, I had Amber fix my “ombré”. She lightened up the ends more, so this time it actually popped and looked ombré, rather than looking like I had really bad roots. I love salons that massages my head during the wash too. I knew I would be back! For sure this time.

Yesterday, I went back to get my ombré higher since it grew out a little. Since the last time I went I had the groupon voucher, this time I was a little blown away by the price. Remember I told you I haven’t gotten my hair dyed in so long and my hair is really long. Also, I just realize this place prices by the stylist’s rank. Since she went to a good school and teaches, she has to rank really high. I never asked how much because I have been so used to the $40 general price LOL.

My hair was a pretty penny, but it’s all worth it!!! $180, not down the drain, but to my hair. My everyday accessory! I also love my cut.

This is the Moroccan oil I mask my hair with once a week. I believe this was $40 or $50 and it’s going to last me awhile.

This is what I use in my hair every single day. Even between washes. It is an oil but does not look oily. It hydrates and makes my hair look fresh.

Hotbox haircut pricing.

My ombré hair re-done. It grew out so fast it felt like it was only at the tips. I look tired, and gross lol. I was actually trying the Garnier BB Cream that day. I don’t like it.


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