Friends and Family sales

Is today National Friends & Family sale day? Forever 21 had a 21% off entire purchase (sans sale items) and Macy’s was also 25% off. Woohoo! Score!

My sis-n-law and I went to the Fashion Show mall today, albeit our apprehensions of it being a Sunday in a crowded, busy place. Oh, and Forever 21 there is huuuuuuuuge! So big, I almost don’t like it. I’ll still shop there, but I try to avoid it as much as possible. If I feel like shopping Forever 21 style, I usually opt for the online shop or hit up the smaller store at the Galleria mall.

Shopping at the larger stores, then going to the smaller store or visiting the online shop soon after, make me realize all the things I’ve missed. “Ooh, I didn’t see this at Fashion Show.” “ugh, I should have bought this one over that one I bought at the Fashion Show.” Some of the things I find myself saying.
When there is too much, things get confusing.

Since receiving my BCBGenration affirmation bracelets, I have become obsessed! They are the cutest accessories! Truly, truly my fave. Today, I found some at Macy’s. They are $18 each plus F&F 25% off. Awesome!!! Without hesitation, I bought 3.

The affirmation bracelets, I think, are worth every penny. My orange LOVE one that I bought online was $26, but the smaller one’s were only $18. Compare that to the Tory Burch leather cuffs that cost nearly $100. I say their quality is pretty much up to par. Love them!!! Every accessory whore(der) should have them in their collection.

Coupon. I think this event was today only.

I already have a Sweet affirmation, but this one has a different leather band color and it also has a heart (sweet heart). The other two purchased today was Tough (with a heart, tough love) and True (with a heart, True Love). I can’t wait to add these to my stacking of arm candy.

I posted this on my instagram (follow: katsteez). These are my latest accessory additions. Some you’ve seen in my recent previous blogs. I am so into rose gold and pastels right now. Super kawaii!

Wow, I have a lot of face. LOL. xoxo


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