Diy: Vintage High Waisted Jean Shorts

Fashion fades, yes. Style remains, yes. Thanks to Coco Chanel for that saying. But trends are continuously recycled. As I get older, I realize it even more. The stuff I used to wear as a kid, or trends I remember seeing, have all made a comeback. If not once, a few times through the years. I almost don’t want to give things up anymore. It’s inevitably going to make a comeback sometime in the future.

A particular trend I’ve been seeing among the many new era hipsters are the comebacks of the vintage high waisted jean shorts. Especially the distressed look. So Madonna-esque! I’ve always been keen on high waisted anything, because as a Mommy, my core has not been back to pre-pregnancy. I love how the high waisted bottoms squeeze in all of my excess flab, camouflaging my fat into nonexistent (faux style lol).

As I have been shopping around for these denim shorts, I realize the ones that are being sold at the department stores or stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, just don’t look or feel the same. I have found really cute ones from Nasty Gal but I could not get myself to pay for the prices ($60+) they want.

Here are a few I found on Nasty Gal:





Thank goodness for DIY bloggers and YouTube! Thrift stores, duhhh!! I try not to be offended (LOL) at the term “mommy shorts” that some of these bloggers use to describe the kinds of shorts needed to create these trendy high waisted jean shorts. Given the benefit of the doubt, what they really mean is…. Find larger shorts with a long high rise.

My mission proceeded as I got myself to a Salvation Army. If you could pass the pungent smell of soiled garments, possibility of belonging to someone who has died, armpit stains, and other possible gross things a thrift store consist of…. You could really find yourself some treasure. Or in my case, transform something(s) into something amazing.

Here is my thrifted haul:



I found 5 pairs of “mommy shorts” for $14. I think I scored on the Levi’s one. I knew that one would turn out real cute.



After measuring and perfecting the cut. It was time to decide how I wanted it to look. I’m not really into the major distressed look, so for this one, I went for distressing just the bottom.



Since I am a Mother, I can’t fathom myself in something shorter than this. This is already really shorter than my average liking. This is how it looked before the wash.







These are the few I’ve been able to finish. I have a couple more to do. I just haven’t decided how to compliment them, whether it be adding studs or additional distressing, or whatnot. Photos for those will be posted later.

I say, go out and find yourself some “mommy shorts” at your local thrift store and make them yourself. If you have the extra $$ then by all means, spend it on an already made one. But even if you had the $$, why waste it on something so easy to do yourself?!! Have fun!! Look cute!!


One thought on “Diy: Vintage High Waisted Jean Shorts

  1. Christina says:

    I agree, why buy some shorts when we can make them. =) Me and my friend Karen were just talking about that today.

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