Cute shoes, cheaper dupes.

It’s imperative that all women have a good taste in shoes. As me and my friends would call it back in the days, ugly shoes syndrome. Don’t get on that, please. I love shoes! I wish I could afford pretty penny designer shoes like Louboutins, but I’m happy to be wearing lower end shoes. Steve Maddens are my utmost favorite. I think they carry the cutest and up to date or sometimes even fashion forwarded trendy shoes.

I also don’t mind finding cheaper shoes, especially from Target, Forever 21,, Charlotte Russe, and recently at Kohl’s. Sometimes, brands such as Steve Maddens, Aldo, Jeffrey Cambell, Sam Edelman, Jessica Simpson can get pretty expensive. Especially if you want to buy more than one pair. More than ever, I am starting to see much cheaper alternatives to these shoes. The cheaper stores that I listed will usually carry the knock off version of the shoes we love from Steve Madden and such. I just recently discovered this. I mean, some of the cheaper versions’ qualities are not as great, but they’re good enough when you put price to trend longevity at a ratio.

I love splurging on my Steve Maddens here and there, but I can have or save more if I shop this way…. Buying from the cheaper stores from time to time. I have a few rules though when I do go the cheaper route.

  1. Comfort. It may not be as 100 percent comfortable (but even with higher end shoes, comfort doesn’t always exist), but it can’t kill my feet the moment I put them on or instantaneously when I walk in them.
  2. No stilletos!! I remember when I was about 18 years old, one of my friends back then was walking around in her cheap stilettos when suddenly one of the heels broke off. It was soooo embarrassing! I felt for her. What we did to intervene was we deliberately broke the other heel so the poor girl was not walking with only one high stiletto heel. Since then, I told myself, I’d never wear really bad cheap stilettos. It’s a good thing I’m not into them anymore. I will wear cheap thick high heels, flats, sandals, or wedges any day, but never stilettos (should I ever become interested in them again).
  3. No BOOTS! I love cheap stuff and saving money, but I can’t look tacky either. I think it’s okay to wear faux leather containing shoes to a minimal extent, but a whole shaft of faux leather from your feet and up is not the business. This is where I do most of my splurging at Steve Maddens, Aldo, or Macy’s brands, when it comes to boots. I can’t get myself to wear the cheaper alternatives in this case because it just looks tacky. Faux leather jackets that are really good in quality is an exception, but NOT boots! Not all $150+ boots are real leather anyway, but they are hell of a better quality than those under $50 boots.

Recently, the hubby told me he’d take me to Steve Maddens to pick out some shoes. I think I almost gave him an abrupt cardiac arrest when I told him, “No, it’s okay. Let’s just go to Kohl’s for the cheaper versions of the Steve Maddens and Aldo shoes I want.” Without hesitation, he obliged. I think that was a wonderful surprise for him haha.


This beautiful blue wedge from Aldo’s are priced at $70. That’s not too expensive, but it’s still a big difference in price from the ones I found elsewhere.


These are the ones I bought from Kohl’s. It’s made by a brand called Elle. I got this for $34.99 +tax. The similarity is pretty identical except for the name imprinted on them. I never got to try the ones at Aldo’s but I did first drool over them on their online store. That’s nearly $40 saved!


These Steve Madden shoes called Dynemite were the ones I initially wanted to buy at Steve Madden. They are now on sale for $80. They also come in a variety of beautiful colors. I remember when they first came out they were $100 and they were the hottest things I’ve been seeing all over blogs and youtube. I’ve tried these on when they first came out, but I knew Steve Madden would put a sale price tag on them soon, that’s why I decided to wait. But after seeing them at Kohl’s, and trying them on there, I knew I had to go the cheaper direction.


This is the cheaper version from Kohl’s by Candies. They are super comfortable and I only paid $24.99 +tax for them. I just saved $55! Uncanny? I just think they may have come from the same manufacturers and placed their labels on them.

As long as something is comfortable, cute, and pretty good in quality, then you don’t need to spend $800 or even $100 on them. Shop smart, even if you do have the money.


2 thoughts on “Cute shoes, cheaper dupes.

  1. budziak says:

    This post reminds me of a time I bought blue sequined flats at Bakers (they were on sale), I ended up getting them for $20ish. After I purchased them I saw the same exact shoes with a different brand at Kohl’s. The sale priced ended up being around the same as Kohl’s but it was crazy how it was the same shoe at a different store originally price differently! When I was into shoes, I bought a ton from Shoedazzle.

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