Concert coverage: Club Paradise Tour

Last Saturday, the hubby and I went to the Club Paradise Tour. The only people we intended to see were Drake and J. Cole. I would love to say the other performers were a bonus, but I can’t. I’ve never heard of WakaFlocka, nor did the music he performed rung a bell. Apparently, he is mainstream because the audience were chanting along. He was even bombarded in the Casino area at MGM, where I don’t know why he exited from.

It’s been a while since we’ve been to a big concert. We felt completely out of place. Especially when the opening act called 2 Chains were performing. Me and the hubs just sat sedentarily at our seats, while everyone around us were dancing and vibin’. We shook along with everyone’s dancing, and I feared for my life. I was afraid the bleachers we were on would have collapsed from the craziness. I usually don’t mind vibin’ along to music I’ve never heard, but this type of rap that 2 Chains were about was just nothing I’m interested in. In fact, it was rather annoying.

We sat to the left of the stage, in the seats just above the floor level. Why do we even bother with concerts if we can’t be close enough to see them clearly?! We weren’t up in the nosebleeds, but not like I could make out the artists faces from where we were sitting. I was just glad we sat near the entrance/exit for our own convenience.

Both J. Cole and Drake did absolutely well during their sets. Drake was the headliner of the show, and although I loved his set, I must say that J. Cole did better. I was amazed with Drake’s live singing voice. He is not no Ne-Yo or Chris Brown, but something about his singing voice is very soothing. I think it was his excess talking that had me bored in a quickness. He spoke in between every song. Not small talk, but as if he were on the phone with the audience or something. Not cool. But all in all, we had a great time.

Here are a few photos from the show:

With a front facing camera, it’s a must to take a self photo. 🙂 ladies, we need to make sure our makeup matches our neck. We don’t want to look like we did our makeup in the dark, right?

Oh concert drinks! Sooo asspensive! Imagine, my Chardonnay in a plastic cup lol, classy.

My OOTN. I love the HRH Original Cuff necklace. I think it’s the best statement piece of costume jewelry that I own. Check the shoes from my last blog.

Second level.

This was probably taken when WakaFlocka or 2 Chains were performing LOL.





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