DIY: Money Lei

((Not a tutorial))


It’s that time of year again. May/June is graduation time. This year I have a few people in my family graduating. My son is graduating (promotion is another term used for them) Kindergarten next week. I know it’s only Kindergarten, but his school is making a big deal of it, therefore I will too. I really don’t remember ever having a formal graduation when I was in Kindergarten. With caps and gowns and all.

Last month they took really cute professional graduation pictures at school. They wore white graduation cap and gowns. I ordered some prints, while most of the parents just complained about why the school makes them take so many photos. I think it’s good and they’re doing us parents a favor. These are memories in print for us to purchase at our convenience. Our kids will look back at these and be glad we bought them.


I remember last year, during my son’s preschool graduation, we made that a pretty big deal. His cap and gown then was blue. We made him leis, bought him gifts, and even took him out for dinner to celebrate. I think these little graduation or grade promotion ceremonies are so cute yet bittersweet. Another milestone down, and on to the next.

This is my first time making a money Lei. Although seen in many Hawaiian, Asian, and Filipino families at other graduations, I always made candy leis. Candy leis are easy to make, and can be cute too. I will probably make some soon as well. This time I wanted to challenge myself a little and attempt at a money lei.

Here are my supplies:

Black beads for spacing the papers.

Money. I opted for $1’s. Folded in mini fans.

Construction paper. Cut in the size of dollar bills. I used blue, black and white.

Thin ribbon. I used blue. I also used tape to tape the papers with in order to create the look.

I went with the pattern ABCCDC (blue, black, money, money, white, money)

One down on the money leis. Two more to go. I have two cousins graduating from High School. I can’t believe they are both 18 and driving now. Soon, they’ll be in college and entering the real world. One of them being a full scholar to UC Irvine and her dream is to become an ER Doctor. I really hope she fulfills her endeavor. That would be so cool to have one in our family.


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