Cute Inpromptu Finds

Just the other day, I went into New York & Company in hopes of finding my Mother in Law a top. The one we included in her Mother’s day gift didn’t fit her. As I was browsing I noticed their BOGO 75% off all accessories. RING DING DING DING DING!!! Ooooooh, accessories, just my current cup of tea.

This time, they had some impressive pieces that I actually loved. I’m so into chunky chains and bib necklaces right now, that the moment felt like destiny. I usually only shop at NY&C for my MIL, my Mom, or Grandmas. After seeing their accessories, it opened my mind to the rest of the store, as far as liking stuff for myself.

This is my NY&C haul, aside from what I found for my MIL…..

From Left to Right: silver with a blue chunky plastic curb chain $20. Gold necklace with a pink crescent detail $23. 3 curb chain necklace in silver and orange $23. Another Gold necklace with a yellow crescent detail $23.

Again these were BOGO 75% off.


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