DIY: Captain America Kiddy Shirt

The other day, we took our eldest son to go watch the Avengers. Hard to believe my little man was reluctant to see it. These days, he’d rather play with his toys, on the computer/ game consoles/ iPad, or play outside than watch movies at the theater. We knew it was something he would like, so with a little push and bribery (of popcorn, candy, and icee), he budged.

The beginning of the movie was a little too slow for him, as I felt his impatience. He kept talking in a tone just a notch of a whisper. Instead of just watching and letting the movie flow, he wanted me to explain everything. Until the super heroes were in full effect, did he become so into it. He even confessed it being his favorite movie ever, after admitting his endeavors of collecting all the Avenger toys. Uh oh, look what we got ourselves into.

Since then, he’s been all about the super heroes. He knows I go to Michael’s craft store every so often, so he made a special request the last time I went. He asked if we can make him a captain America t-shirt. Of course I agreed to. That would be a fun little craft project we could do together.

We just bought a plain blue t-shirt and some fabric paint and voila!



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