Book Club: Fifty Shades of Grey


I first heard of this trilogy a couple of years ago. Back then, it was also only available via ebook. Since it was a Twilight saga fan-based written book, I was not initially interested. Only recently did I decide to read it.

Continuously seeing it on the #1 best seller list made my curiosity grow even more. Not only was I convinced by the romance part, but it being an erotic novel also had me. So kids, this book is not for you. It may have been inspired by the Twilight saga, but don’t get it twisted, it is X-rated. This is not in the same category as your ordinary tween-young adult reads like the Hunger Games. This is seriously for us grown folks.

Since having two kids, reading books has been hard to come by. Especially not being able to finish them fast enough. Since I started reading again, I noticed I can no longer chill at the chaise and read for hours like I did before kids and even after having my first child. This is fine with me, but when books like this become rather interesting, I get anxious and wish I had more time to read them through sooner.

I finally finished the first book of this trilogy. Fifty Shades of Grey. Reading books like this make me imagine this beautiful man come to life. I squeal in between chapters, not because of the written porn, but because of the cute romantic bits and pieces. I also admit, it gets pretty hot and erotic. I’m not into BDSM type of stuff, but there are also “love” making scenes. Warning: this book causes engorgements of lady parts.

Rumors of this book becoming a movie has me creating my own fantasy casts. But how in the world are they going to make this very detailed sexual novel into a movie without it being called porn?! LOL. From all the books I’ve read turned movies, the novels always turn out better. I hope they can execute this movie well enough to justify the story line.

Cons: I hate the way the author made the characters speak. Nobody talks like that anymore. Old English and in a very, very proper manner, which is so outdated. The characters are in their twenties for goodness sake. How is coincidentally, both opposite characters, who happens to just have met, speak the same?! This book’s setting is not in the 1800’s. I wish the author made the characters speak current improperly voiced English to make it a little more realistic.

I’ve finally began reading the second book, Fifty Shades Darker. Hopefully I can finish through sooner, because I am so excited to know how this is going to end.


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