Pseudologia Fantastica

I am allergic to lies. I twitch when I am face to face with someone who I know is talking out of their ass. If I wasn’t a nice person, I’d probably be rolling my eyes and calling out the person’s bullshit. Maybe it doesn’t take a bitch or someone that is not nice to tell a person they think he/she’s lying. But I’m not very confrontational like that.

A great invention, that could become best seller, is a Lies Journal. This would come in handy for all of those fantasy thinking bullshit talking liars. Especially those who compulsively lie and stumble over them, one lie after another. I feel an abundance of irk juice when I catch someone in a lie. All at the same time, my insides are squirming and screaming, “ha! I caught you again, you liar!”

In my past experience of many friendships, I’ve come across them all. The real, the fake, the jealous, the competitive, the fun, the loud, the sensitive, the gangsta, the sweetheart…. and then there were the Pathological Liars. Among the fake, these are the bitches that has me building walls. I’ve come to terms that not all of those many friendships have lasted. It’s unfortunate but also fortunate.

Is there a difference between a liar and bullshitter? What do these people think when they develop lies? I mean, how do they think when they develop lies? How do they feel when the lies are slipping out of their mouths? Some of these liars are so nonchalant and their bull is just smooth sailing out of their mouth. It’s crazy. I shake my head repeatedly because I can’t fathom how these people think. Are these people aware of their multiple lies? Is it a chemical imbalance in the brain?

So many questions, and no rational answers. This is why I steer clear from these people. Fake begets liars. I’d rather remain enemies with bitches who have actually tried to attack me deliberately, than remain friends with bitches who gives me hugs and tries to hang out with me but is fake, faulty, and tells me a bunch of LIES.


2 thoughts on “Pseudologia Fantastica

  1. margie says:

    This is so true Kat,hence the reason why i dont have many NEW friends becasue i dont deal with them well.The minute i sense it i deter from them,but its true id rather have you hate me up front than be fake behind my back.

    • Yes, Marge. I think it’s sad, but that’s reality. We just have to recognize the real from the fake and act accordingly. I just hate catching people lie. I will elaborate with you next time we speak hehe.

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