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I have out this blog on pause mode. I think it’s time to get back. My creative juices have not been flowing lately. Not in my closet, not in my mind, not in my crafting. I’ve been an even bigger bore lately, although a busy one.

June is a pretty productive month for us. We celebrated our 10 years, the hubby and me. 10 years of being together. We also celebrated our 7 years of marriage. June also consists of my birthday. Father’s day is another day observed.

It was also the end of Isaiah’s school year. We’ve been trying to keep him busy lately. Swim lessons, poolside activities with the fam, and LA boxing. I don’t work, but June has been crazy busy for me. For us all, actually. Cali trip for cousins’ graduation, all of the mentioned family days observed, taking my son to his extracurricular activities, family visiting, and our own recreations. I haven’t even mentioned the regular motherly wifey duties.

I’m also in the process of endorsing my nursing license to Nevada. I didn’t think it would be this much of a headache. I am to blame though because I procrastinated in the final application process. I did everything needed back in March, but when it came down to the last and final document, I slacked. My California license expires at the end of this month. I didn’t complete and send the final needed document until the end of last month. My fingers, eyes, and nose hairs are crossed in hopes of my application being processed efficiently before the expiration date. I really do not want to pay for renewing my CA license if I am not even going to be working there. Ugh!

If all goes through successfully, I will just need to renew my CPR/BLS certificate, create another résumé, and find a job. I already know it’s going to be a pain finding an LPN job in Las Vegas. Apparently, we are not utilized here as much as we are in Cali. Going back to school to pursue my RN is out of the picture right now, and for the next few years. I used to have a goal, a deadline if you will. But having kids, and in our situation right now, school is my last priority.

When Isaiah was about 2 years old, I did go back to school in my local junior college. I managed to finish some of my needed prerequisites to the RN program. I’ve decided, in a few years, when Karson is in school, I should probably go back and finally get my RN. Right now, and forever will be, my kids come first. I enjoy watching them grow, playing with them, meeting their needs, helping with homework, taking them out, etc. School to me has to be a full time commitment. I’m not ready to turn my kids away when they need something, and I have to do homework and hours of studying.

If I go back to work, I am hoping for a lenient schedule. Three 12 hour shifts and 4 days off sounds real good. It’s going to be hard to beat the kind of schedule I used to have in Ca. The facilities I worked at allowed me to work my schedule around my husbands, as they worked me into their schedule. That would be awesome to get a job that lenient.

July is looking better as far as free time to blog. Another set of family just left, so we are not expecting visitors for the rest of the month. Next weekend is the only weekend the mister is having off for the rest of the month. His crazy ass volunteered to work 17 days straight. Mind you, he has an hour total of a commute outside of his 12 hour shifts. I am a bonafide wife of a hustla. I tell him to only volunteer if he can handle

I always try to be supportive when he does crazy additional shifts. The extra money is nice, but I think his presence is even better. I just start feeling bad when our kids look for him, or when he can’t find time to squeeze in a workout sesh, obtain adequate amount of sleep aaaand play with the kids in between his shifts. Dear God, give my husband strength.

Hopefully after this July work madness for the mister, we could plan a little family vacay before Isaiah goes back to school in the fall. Hawaii is out of the picture for 2012, only to plan for a bigger Hawaii trip in 2013. Can’t complain because time flies anyway.


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