Since planning on purchasing the premium passes to Disneyland, for the past few weeks my kids have been uber excited. Heck, so have I. We’ve been to Disneyland numerous times with Isaiah, and this will be Karson’s second time. This has been the first time we’ve ever felt this kind of exhilaration for the theme park. The kids seem to have enjoyed themselves in the past, but prior to being at the park, they were always pretty indifferent.

Perhaps the excitement has finally surfaced because of the premium passes. We could go any day of the year for the whole year. This means, we don’t have to rush with park hopping, which rides have shorter lines, which event to catch, where to eat, and so on. Now we can finally plan our trips accordingly. One whole day can be devoted to a certain section of one of the parks, therefore we can thoroughly enjoy it.

After the hype of Carsland opening in June, it dawned on me that that is the main culprit to my family’s synchronized excitement. Imagine……..

I have two boys. Isaiah being the eldest, lived for Cars the movie at a point or two of his life. Since he was 2 years old, he probably watched the Cars and Cars 2 movies repeatedly in a given day. We have numerous copies of the DVD’s and Blu Ray. Probably enough for each player in the house, extra in case one gets scratched up, and another for the car.

My son has probably memorized the whole movie scripts. It baffles me how they can watch movies over and over and still be utterly entertained. Through the years, Isaiah, and now even Karson, has collected possibly all the Cars toys from both Cars films. That including all of the die-cast cars and some Radiator Springs buildings. My little guys would even reenact some of the scenes using their toys.

So could you imagine the level of our excitement? For this movie to come to real life, really is going to be a dream come true. Having seen the movies a million times with my boys, playing and collecting the toys with my boys…. I, too, am freaking excited!

It’s been atleast a month since we last seen any of the movies, but I can vividly recall every detail of Radiator Springs. For it to become an actual place to visit is going to be so awesome. Flo’s V8, Luigi’s Casa Della Tires, and the actual life size cars driving around are some of the things I’m personally looking forward to.

My kids have been watching YouTube videos of carsland everyday since we started planning. Karson, who is still shy of 2, is also now very excited after watching these videos with his brother. They also claim the iPad for a little bit, dedicating their time on it looking through my instagram account. Of course their focal viewing pleasure consists of the already thousands of Carsland photos under their very own hashtag #carsland.

A few years ago, we seen the life size Mater and McQueen in the California Adventure parade. Then, Isaiah was about 2 or 3. As much as he loved them, he had this astonishing ambivalent look of surprised, scared, excited, is this a dream?, confused face. Poor little guy didn’t know how to react. I think Karson will, too, feel this way. Isaiah is set and ready for all of this though.

As much as my husband teases me about being a tad bit more excited than the kids, I don’t givvva!! Maybe I am, psssh. First of all, I’ve accepted that our Hawaii plans have been put on hold. My kids happiness before ours. They’d enjoy Hawaii too, but Disneyland premium passes is more for them. They may not be able to ride every attraction, but it is the little things in the Disney theme parks that will lighten up their little hearts. The characters, the views, and even the rides they can get on. Hopefully someday, if not now, they can appreciate these things. Right now, my only expectation from them is pure bliss, joy, and happiness. Something I know Mommy, Daddy and Disney can oblige. 😉

Stay tuned for our first Carsland photos.


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