Fashion Forward: Fall 2012

Living in the desert where it has been high 90’s to triple digits for the past couple of months has me yearning for that good ol’ Cali weather that I’m used to. Mid Spring to Summer here correlates, tag teaming on me, making it seem like Summer lasts forever. I miss being able to wear light sweaters, jackets and even jeans. Mind you, I’m very heat sensitive. I see others wearing these clothing here in the midst of the hot ass weather, but I just can’t. I would get too hot and anxious. Maybe those individuals are just used to it and heat does not faze them.

I don’t mind warm weather, but the heat is on my nerves. I used to love, love Spring and Summer seasons. In fact, I looked forward to them every year. Until we moved to the desert, did I begin to hate it! I now look forward to the colder seasons. Oh Autumn 2012, please come sooner. Alas, another few months of this annoying heat. I will just walk it out this year, in hopes of me adapting to it by next Summer.

The enjoyment of wearing shorts, skirts, maxi’s, and summer dresses is nearly dissipating. I still love being tan and wearing the mentioned clothing, but here in the desert, I can’t even throw on full articles of clothing (i.e. sweaters, jeans, etc) from time to time. This is another reason why traveling back to Cali for mini getaways gets even more exciting. The weather there all year long is perfect. There, I was able to wear anything I wanted and was never limited to certain clothing according to weather due to season.

To keep me sane when I think about how depressing the heat is, or how I am getting over Summer clothing, I brainstorm on wardrobe ideas for the fall. Sounds weird, but it’s actually fun and keeps my creative juices flowing. I’ve always done this in the past, just envisioned what I could be wearing next season or if I just have an outfit in mind that I should try to remember next time I am out shopping.

Nowadays, getting ideas do not only come from TV, Magazines, or imagination anymore. has been such a wonderful site for both shopping and for their ensemble creations. Also, the newly popular and wonderful world of Pinterest have been very helpful in inspiring cute and trendy outfits.

As season trends come and go, evolve, and some stays the same all year long…. This is what I am looking forward to wearing this Fall/Winter.

Solid Jewel Tones

*jewel tone tops mixed with printed tights (black/white)

*jewel tone skinny jeans or pants with printed top (black/white)

*Neutral color outfits with a pop of solid jewel tone statement jewelry such as necklace bibs, cocktail rings, or stud earrings.

– Boots

*Cognac, Black, and this year I want a Taupe pair.

*flat, Riding style, and Combats.

– Sweaters

*oversize cable knits.

*slightly fitted cable knits with collard shirt underneath allowing the collar to pop out of the sweater.

– Blazers

*white, off white, beige…. boyfriend style with shoulder pads. Something I can dress up with heels or dress down with combat boots and shorts.

*jewel tone blazers to pair with a black, white or neutral outfit.

– Gold

*gold jewelry

*gold hardwared handbags

*gold nail polishes

– Scarves

*brown toned leopard, which should go with everything.

*jewel toned patterns, which should go with solid outfits.

– Pop of Leopard (brown toned)

*leopard leggings, with solid top

*leopard top, with solid bottoms

*leopard pattern nails

*leopard print stud earrings

– PRINTS/Designs

*leggings, with solid top

– Denim

*Chambray long sleeved button up collared shirt, that should go with everything

*dark denim jacket with solid fleece hoodie underneath, allowing the hoodie to pop out.

*dark denim skinnies.


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