Cars Land coverage

As I’ve recently expressed in my previous Cars Land Post, I said I would update you all. We finally went and I’d have to say, it was amazing! My kids loved it. We spent 3 days at the park, and about 80% of the time we were at Cars Land.

The Radiator Springs Racer ride was my absolute favorite thing about the place. Isaiah would have to agree with me. Luckily, we got there early Friday to receive the fast pass for them. It was worth standing in a 10 minute line for the fast pass. Once it was our turn, we literally just walked through the whole line up until it was time to get in our assigned car. I felt bad for the people we passed up, who was standing in a 120 minute wait line in a scorching 100 degree weather. Karson is still too small for the ride, so we got the stroller swap pass. That meant Isaiah got to ride twice, once with me and once with his Daddy. No waiting in line for that either.

The whole town was on point with detail compared to the movie. The cozy cone motel and Flo’s V8 were my favorite structures. The Radiator Springs mountains were so beautiful. It looked so real! I loved how Mater, McQueen, DJ, and Red would just cruise through the town.

Things me and Isaiah wish they had:
(as we discussed)
– All the main character cars. I know this would be difficult because the place is already crowded. I could imagine how much more crowded it would be if we had the whole town of Cars movie characters roaming around.
– more rides! 3 rides, 2 of them being mediocre with hideous long lines does not cut it. Sure, we are content with the views, but maybe one or two more rides could have completed the place.
– better dining options. The cozy cone motel snack spots were cute and such a great idea. Their menu, however, did not tickle my pickle.
– less souvenir shops, more Cars movie viewing pleasures. Lizzie, Sarge, and Ramon’s houses were all souvenir, gift and toy shops. I wish they could have thrown in more movie memorabilia stuff in there instead.

Other than that, we have definitely found our new favorite place. On our way home today, we kept saying we wish we were in Cars Land again. I am so glad my kids had a blast. Thanks to the hubby, we get to go back whenever we can and when we want now that we are Premium Pass holders. Woohoo.

Here’s a little video I put together of some of our photos and video clips from our mini vacay. I had to cramp everything into a 10 minute video. Once I was done with editing and finalization, I see that YouTube has increased my video upload time to 15 minutes. Bah, humbug! All of those deleting and summarizing just so I can fit as much as possible in a 10 minute video went to waste. Perhaps it was meant to be so I don’t bore the shit out of you all with a 15 minute video lol.


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