Moxie and Candy Yum Yum

I haven’t hauled makeup in a while. I feel like I’m at a point where I am content with the amount I have. What could I possibly buy that I already don’t have in my collection? That new limited edition line from a certain brand. Another bronzer, eyeshadow or lipstick which I can probably find a similar shade in my collection.

Finally, I no longer have that dire need or itch to buy makeup. Just to buy to fulfill my former addiction. Now I usually only re-purchase things that I run out of such as mascaras and foundations. No more running to the MAC store or counters after each new line they bring out. Honestly, I don’t even know what new lines are out or what new products they have because when I do step into a MAC or Sephora stores these days, I go straight for what I need.

A couple of months ago, MAC had a vote online for which of their Limited Edition products are popular enough for a comeback. I didn’t care much for voting but was still pretty curious and a tad bit excited for the verdict. Wow! So many people voted for what I probably would have voted for. *applause*. Great job picking ladies who took time to vote lol.

That morning that MAC released these Limited Edition lipsticks, glosses, and eyes shadows, I knew I had to purchase right away. The same impulse that used to come running out of me when I had the makeup buying addiction. Except, I didn’t have the urge to buy what I didn’t need. Not that what I did buy was something I needed per se. But whatever!

I remember them being such pretty colors that I used to wish I had bought them before they sold out during their original releases. Everybody knows I’m a lipstick whore. I’ve never really been the lipgloss type, with the exception of Chanel gloss. Anyway…… The colors I purchased were Moxie and Candy Yum Yum. Both in my favor because I love bright pinks and reds. Moxie is a mixture of both. Candy Yum Yum is a perfect pop of pink, however, I’m sure can be duped by so many other pinks out there.

By noon, that same day they re-released, I checked back online and they were both sold out. All of the other re-released items were still available, but Moxie and CYY lipsticks were popular by demand, yet again. I’m happy I got my hands on them.










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