Disneyland: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As you may or may not know, our last visit to Disneyland we went for 3 consecutive days. Prior to that, the most we’ve gone in a row was only 2 days. Now that we are Annual pass holders, I think our visits are going to be a lot more pleasant and less stressful. We were able to take our sweet time at certain sites at the theme parks as opposed to buying same day or two day park hopper tickets. Then, we usually feel rushed and extra drained at the end of the day.

Not rushing at Disneyland to try to see everything and do everything in a day or two feels great. We are now able to dilly dally, people watch, plan our visit itinerary, stay at a certain spot for as long as we’d like since we can always check out the missed areas next time.

I’d have to say, people watching in Disneyland is quite interesting. Coming from Vegas, home of the supposed uncultered slash multicultured people, I thought people watching here was the best. It still is in a lot of ways though. But Disneyland has its fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

My over analyzing mind seemed to have witnessed things I never cared for in my past Disneyland or other theme park visits. Maybe it’s because I felt too fast forward then, trying to get things done in a time crunch. First, let me get my judgments out of the way. Hey, I don’t mean to, but I can’t help that my mind comes up with these things.

Why would people bring newborns or tiny infants to Disneyland??????????? It is a crowded place with rides limited to even toddlers, what more a tiny baby?! It’s like, these people waste no time. “oh I think my 3 week old baby wants to go see Mickey Mouse today.”. The baby or you mama?

My eldest son was 2 when we first took him to Disneyland. I admit and I am guilty as charged… I was one of those parents who had those toddler leashes attached to him. He was a rambunctious little guy. We didn’t know what to expect since he was our first child and it was his first Disneyland visit with him. Even then, I felt he was too young. Pictures and videos of that visit are the only memories he will have because he doesn’t remember. If my 6 year old don’t remember his first time at age 2, what more a 3 month old.

Mind you, it was also nearly 100 degrees out. The crowd was probably at the max for the day. Lines for everything were all ridiculously long. So, I really don’t know what these people are thinking when they decided that morning to drive to Disneyland to take their newborn or tiny infant(s). I don’t care if you live 15 minutes away. Poor babies!!!!

You know that Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland, which probably has one of the fastest lines in the park, where you get in the ride real quick because it doesn’t stop? You practically have to jump in it right? Well there was this “cool” mom who hopped on with her baby bundled in her arms. O.M.G. How the heck did she shoot her Buzz Lightyear gun at the targets? (sarcastically speaking)… Poor babies!!!!!

At the stroller parking in Carsland, there were two children sleeping on the bare floor. I used to have a picture of it, because my husband thought it was funny. I deleted it of course because it was disturbing. It was a little boy and a little girl. I kid you not, they were laid out on the dirty floor without any barriers. They looked so peaceful but I was disgusted. Their parents were just chillin, choppin it up like it ain’t no thang.

Here goes my judgmental mind again. Dear parents of these kids, stop being lazy fucks and lap them (to the least). If you live close to Disneyland, go home and let them nap then come back. If you have a hotel room near Disneyland, take them for a nap break. Otherwise, sit on a bench with them on your laps. Or at least put a shirt, sweater, hell even cardboard or whatever you can find to put below them so they are not exposed to the nasty ground. Ugghhh!!! Poor babies!!!

*knocks on wood* As me and my youngest son sat on a bench in the middle of Radiator Springs, eating our fruits and ice cream and waiting for Big bro and Daddy who was on a ride, we witnessed a little boy who lost his parents. Or vice versa. He came out of Flo’s V8 crying hysterically. It was apparent that he was alone. Luckily, there was a Disneyland employee who approached him right away. This kid had to be around 3 years old. The Disneyland employee tried to calm him down and asked him questions, but the little boy could not answer. He was still kicking and screaming. They stood in the same place, with more Disneyland employees to the rescue, while we sat and felt bad for the kid and the guys helping him. He was an Asian kid who never answered their questions, so i assumed he didn’t speak English. Finally, after what seemed like forever, maybe 20 minutes or so…. His mother shows up, with a smile on her face, nonchalant. “oh he’s the one that ran away from us.” No fret, no compassion, no tears. Just with a passive smile like it was a normal thing.

Should that have happened to my kids (God forbid), I would have not been able to compose myself as well as that lady did. I would have probably had a heart attack the second I discover my child being lost at Disneyland. Again, poooooor babies!!!

How to be ballin’ on a budget in Disneyland. Oh, I know! I’ve witnessed a couple of these. Find a place to squat with your tribal squad (family) and bust out of your humongous luggage looking bag the following; loaves of bread, jars of Mayo and ketchup, Costco sized lunch meat and cheese packages, and start making sandwiches. I am not clowning though. These people are smart and I’ve got to give it up to them. Food at Disneyland is expensive.. If only I didn’t mind hauling with me a huge luggage of food, then we wouldn’t have to eat Disneyland food. Alas, I refuse to add that extra chore, so I’d rather save up extra cash for Disneyland food lol.

Hardcore Disney fanatics were everywhere. They are easily spotted too. Lanyards filled with pins and buttons, linked to their Disneyland passports. I bought my first lanyard and pin but I don’t think I could be a Disney pin collector. A hardcore one at least. I tried to get Isaiah into it, but he showed no interest. Do people really trade pins? It’s a cool concept, just too much Disney, Disney for my blood.

Me and the mister felt like a walking public phone service. At different days, we both were asked by strangers to borrow our phones so they can make phone calls. We must be real nice people because we allowed them. A man asked my husband if he can borrow his phone to locate his girlfriend. An Asian lady, who I could hardly decipher what she said to me, asked if she could call her daughter. At least, that was my understanding lol.

I guess these situations would be okay to help out in, as the way we did. If it were me at the other end, I would highly appreciate a stranger who let’s me borrow their phone so I can make an emergency phonecall. These days though, you can’t help but feel apprehensive about loaning your expensive phone even for a lousy minute. Hard times call for desperate measures. You’ll never know who you can trust or mistrust based on how they look and what they say their situation is. They could be crooks who can sneakily steal information from your phone or run off with your phone. Same thing goes for your camera.

I bought a mini tripod in case we wanted to take family pictures. I just bought a Canon S100. I don’t think I can trust people enough to ask them to take our picture as we stand 30 feet away. Stick with the Disneyland pro photographers to take our family or group photos with their cameras and yours.

Some people in Disneyland are also very, very, I stress very rude. They lack common sense and consideration for others. A few times, people have tried to cut in front of us. We really are nice people, to an extent, but we will not be passive enough to let you cut especially if you don’t look like you accidentally did. I mean, to give these people the benefit of the doubt, maybe it is part of their culture and upbringing. These people didn’t seem to speak or understand English.

I grew up in Santa Maria, so when someone is speaking Spanish, I kinda sorta understand 75% of what they are saying. One family tried to cut in front of us at the tram line. We were sitting down but in line. She assumed that because we were seated, we were not in line?!?!?!? So when hubby and I spoke aloud that they had to go behind us, she started mimicking me to her husband and spoke in spanish. Ugh. Can’t be gettin gangsta though. Our kids were there and we were in Disneyland for goodness sakes. I just gave her dirty looks.

Okay, so I may have only listed most of the bad and the uglies. So what is the good of Disneyland? Everything else!!!! It really truly is the happiest place on earth. They have great quality people working there. Disneyland people are extraordinarily happy and pleasant which is great because I hate dealing with bad customer service. The rides may have long lines, but that’s a good sign. It only means what you are in line for is worth it. Be smart though, and grab fast passes. It is always usually crowded, but then again, that’s a good sign. It means there are great things to do and see. It may be expensive, and cost more among most theme parks, but again…. There’s a reason. It’s the best theme park.


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