Love Contour & Sculpt

It’s been so long since I’ve bought anything from MAC. I only buy what I need these days. I still love makeup, but I think I have too many. I’m at the point where the saying “you never have enough makeup” is overrated. There’s got to be a pinnacle of how much makeup you should have. Otherwise, you become a hoarder.

I’m utterly obsessed with contour and sculpting. I usually only have time to merely bronze my face after my makeup application, but when I get the chance to take some time on actual sculpting and contouring, it’s a special treat for me.

I just love the way the contour and sculpting techniques bring out our facial features. It helps thin, narrow, and accentuate certain facial areas. I have a round face with a Filipino nose, oh-kayy! I really don’t want or do I think I need surgical facial reconstruction. What better way to fake my funk than to use the power of makeup.

The last time I ever bought a contour and sculpting product from MAC was probably 4 or 5 years ago. They released a special limited edition dual compact with a dark and light colored powder. I love, love, loved that product. Recently, as part of their Face and Body collection, they released a set of pro sculpting creams. It is cream based but sets as powder.

I got matched, and bought two dark colors for sculpting. The darkest color I chose because I figured it’d give me more depth for when I want to go all out. I couldn’t wait to use it. I’ve played with them a few times already. Some of the photos will not give the look true justice, but if you try it yourself, you’ll see the big difference.




I didn’t get to take photos of brushes I use, but you can pretty much use what you have because the product is picked up and applied to the skin well. Use a buffer brush to blend everything together.

I also found some helpful guides on Pinterest.


Here is my favorite 3LW/Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon, with a beautifully sculpted and highlighted face.

Here is my photo after my makeup application but before I began the sculpt and highlights.

Round, flat, and blah.
Now, here is my face with the obvious sculpted and highlighted areas before blending together.

Here are photos of my face after I’ve blended the colors.


My full face of the day with the addition of blush and lashes.






One thought on “Love Contour & Sculpt

  1. The sculpting makes such a natural looking difference. It’s something I almost never take the time to do, but posts like this remind me why it’s important…and like you said, can be a special treat. Thanks for sharing your pictures and tips!

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