MAC’s Marilyn Monroe Collection

Did you guys get your hands on the Marilyn Monroe collection at MAC? So, I swore I would not buy anymore makeup….. But c’mon, Marilyn Monroe for MAC could not be passed up.

I used to be all about MAC’s special limited collections. Especially Barbie, FAFI, Heatherette and Hello Kitty. When I first heard about the Marilyn Monroe collabo, I was pretty ecstatic. Sneak peaks of the packaging plays a big role in luring me to buy though. It was just too beautiful.

Can’t believe they waited this long to do a Marilyn Monroe collection. You would think it’d be one of the first limited collections they’d ever released. Correct me if I’m wrong. I didn’t do my research so I really wouldn’t know if they had ever released a Marilyn collection before the 12 years that I have been a MAC fan.

If I remember correctly, this collection released on October 4th. After taking my son to school and after my mid-week post office drop off, I had planned to go to the MAC store at the nearest mall before they open. It was 9 am when I got there. Front seat parking. Only one person in line, a man at that. I sat in my car for a good 15 minutes before deciding, since there isn’t a line, this collection probably will not sell out. I dipped and decided to come back on the afternoon. Bad idea!!!!!

When I came back in the afternoon, literally just 2 and a half hours later…. All they had left were the lashes, nude lipstick, the non-limited items and nail polishes. My heart broke.

One of the busy MAC artists told me they were getting more the next morning but she suggested I come before they open. I explained to her my little dilemma that morning and she said there was a pretty long line right before they opened. I should have stayed. I tried my luck the next day. I was 3rd in line by 9:30 am. 5 minutes before they opened the line was pretty long.

Finally, I got in and was helped right away. I got everything I wanted/needed. If I wasn’t on a budget, I probably would have bought the whole collection even though I would not have liked or needed the stuff. I am proud of myself once again. I only spent less than $160 whereas the other collections I stated above… My hubby spent so much $$ on just for me.
Especially Barbie and Heatherette collections.

I didn’t do any swatches, because I am not a beauty guru or whatever. I just want to show you all the beautiful packaging.










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