Warrior Dash Coverage

Warrior Dash 2012 Las Vegas happened a week ago. It’s a 5k (3.31 miles) run with 12 obstacles. I remember when we first began talking about signing up for this event, there was a good amount of us interested. As it got closer, only a handful of us were able to attend. I know, I know things come up. I just wished everyone was able to come through as planned. Maybe next year.

I never thought I’d be able to do these things. I am not a runner. I don’t get up early in the morning to run miles around my neighborhood, nor am I an avid treadmill runner at the gym. Before this, I never went over 1.25 miles on a treadmill. That’s why I enjoy taking group classes, such as yoga and LA Boxing, because I SUCK at running.

I made it a point to try my best to “train” for Warrior Dash. I thought Kickboxing classes would suffice, but as it got closer, I knew I had to focus on my running. I continued to add more distance in my treadmill running at the gym every week. I went from my normal 1-1.25 miles up to 2 miles, then up to 3 miles, then even up to 3.5 miles. Never over that. Yet. I just wanted to make sure I’d make it to the finish line. I admit, I don’t run the full 3.5 miles continuously. I stilllll suck at running. I need a good 30 second to a minute speed walking break every half or every mile.

As the day of Warrior Dash arrived, I tried not to worry or think about it. If I dwelled upon what was to come, I probably would have tapped out. Not only was this my first 5k, it also included 12 obstacles which I’d never imagined I would ever do. We got to the site, and seeing so many people, in many different shapes and sizes. People who were done with their run evidenced by their muddy appearances, ad people who were ready to run the next wave…. I became ambivalent.

I jokingly told the guys, “okay guys, I’m only here to take pictures.” It was pretty nerve-wracking. But I told myself, I needed to complete this and to not be a big chicken. LOL. We get our bibs, check our things in, and line up for the race. Seeing the clock at the starting line at 6 minutes ’til beginning had me anxious. It was about 82 degrees out, and that was added stress. Here we go…..

Our wave probably had about 400-500 runners. So many dressed in costumes and groups of people in their themed running attire. Everyone seemed so nice and joyful. Me and Jerald began running steadily until……. The uphills. I needed to walk a little.

I pretty much ran, jogged, and walk the whole thing. I finished 11.5 of the 12 obstacle courses. One of them in the beginning I chickened out. I already climbed up to the top of this ladder like thing and I chickened out in the middle and climbed back down. In retrospect, if that particular obstacle was in the middle and not one of the first few, I probably would have accomplished it. Considering it would have been one of the easiest as I got through the rest of the 11 just fine. Some of them being tougher and much more challenging.

From what I can remember, the obstacles included crawling under barbed wires with rocks beneath us, which hurt my arms and knees like a bitch! That one made me sweat like crazy. Walking through a muddy lake, which was pretty fun. So many climbing obstacles, the one I failed on, climbing up and down a little hill with net ropes, climbing a wall pulling ourselves up with a rope, climbing net ropes, etc. I never knew so much arm work would get play. The best experience was walking barefoot through the thick sticky slippery mud. That was a workout and a half. Crawling through a low netted tire obstacle reminded me of bear crawling in kickboxing. We slid down little dirt hills. We jumped over fire pits. We crawled under barbed wire muddy water.

All in all, this was a very empowering experience. We had so much fun. Probably one of the funnest experiences I’ve had in a while. In fact, we had so much fun, we proclaimed it to be the first of many to come. Hopefully.



















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