Back 2 MAC

Don’t you just love MAC’s Bac2MAC program? As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my impulsive over-indulging MAC purchase days have slowed down. I don’t think I’ve Bac2MAC’d in at least two years. These were all I could find:


Seems like a lot of stuff, doesn’t it? I was able to pick out 3 items for the 18 recycled product containers I turned in.

What I like about Bac2MACing in MAC stores as opposed to MAC counters, is that you can pick lip glosses, eye shadows and lipsticks as your freebie. MAC counters only allow you to pick Lipsticks.

Buuuut that shouldn’t matter to me because I almost always go for lipsticks anyway. I love, love my MAC lipsticks. I used to have a plan to collect them all lol.

Here are the three I chose. Sorry for my low quality images. They were taken with my iPhone lol. Plus, I don’t ever post swatches. It’s just not my thing. I don’t know why I decided to do it now.




The color Amorous has been my latest fave. I think I’ve worn it almost everyday that I’ve applied makeup. It is the perfect Fall color.


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