Elf on the Shelf

Happy Veteran’s Day to those who has served our country.

My son enjoyed his extra day off for sure. As both kids were eating breakfast, they began their daily bickering turned to a fight round 1 for the day. I thought it was perfect timing for me to tell them that Santa Claus was sending us our very own elf.

Disclaimer: I don’t like liars nor do I like to lie (I am really bad at it anyway), but this will be an exception. lol. A white lie for the sake of Christmas and Santa Claus. I’m sure I am not the only parent on this boat. My kids will understand when they have kids some day.

Anywho, as their curiosity grew after mentioning “Santa Claus”, my 2 y.o. with more of a mimicking of his 6 y.o. bro kind of curiosity on his face…. I continued to explain to them what was about to happen. Here goes my lie…..

I said we were chosen by Santa Claus to have our very own elf. I explained to them that this elf can not move or speak to us but he can hear and see everything. I told the kids that the elf will only wake up when everyone is asleep. Of course Isaiah came up with all sorts of spying ideas. Plant hidden cameras, pretend we’re sleeping, etc. I had to tell him that the elf knows when we’re sleeping and when we’re awake. We can’t trick the elf, it’s a rule from the North Pole.

We receive the package around 5pm today. Isaiah was so giddy. Karson was just copying his brother. I opened the package and my eldest blurted, “cool, santa shipped it from Amazon.” We opened the box and I said aloud, “ooh Santa sent us a Boy elf”. I then read the book to them. The book basically explained what was going on, how he was sent by Santa, how he can see and hear but can not move until we are asleep. The book explains that the elf will report to Santa whether the kids have been naughty or nice.

Then it came down to naming our elf. The kids came up with silly names but they would change their minds. Ubutut, Zart, fiddle, etc. Then the husband asked Isaiah if he remembered the movie Elf. That’s when the name Buddy was coined for our Elf. Perfect!

We signed the book with his name and we dated it. I told Isaiah this can be passed on to their kids and grandkids someday. We then placed Buddy, our elf, near our Christmas tree. I reminded the kids to behave because Buddy will be living with us until Christmas.

I’m going to try to post as many Elf on the Shelf adventures on my blog, so stay tuned.

Here is Day 1:






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