A Hot Minute

Almost into the 4th month of 2013.  I’ve been on a blogging hibernate mode.  

It has been a beautiful, blessed year thus far.  Thank you Jesus!!

First week of 2013, we moved into our beautiful new home.  This home is very special to us because we were able to watch it be built from ground up for a whole 3 months.  We got to pick the model home we loved, picked our own upgrades and swatches, the lot, the exterior, etc.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude!  

Our realtor came through and sold our old home within weeks of her posting it on the MLS.  We really thought we had to rent it out because we are part of Vegas’ 70% homes underwater.  Turns out the market is slowly rising.  She was even able to make us a little bit of cash.  So cool!  

Another major blessing we found out at the beginning of the year……   We are blessed with our 3rd baby.  I am currently 18 weeks pregnant.  The boys are so excited!  I am still in that ambivalent phase of this pregnancy.  I feel so blessed, yet here I am also fretful.  3 kids sounds like a lot, but I know I can do it.  I love my children so much and I would do anything and everything for them  I’m sure we can handle a 3rd.  Another pause on my schooling and my returning to work, but that’s okay.  With God’s blessings and my supportive husband, I am able to stay home with the kids.  

The past few months have been a mixture of stress and joy.  Morning sickness was the worst of my pregnancies.  I felt and even looked like hell most of the time.  Food was my worst enemy until a couple of weeks ago.  My appetite and moods have finally returned….  with a vengeance even lol.  Moving a whole house into our new house while feeling sick was not a good look either.  Never realized how much shit we accrued in our 1,985 sq ft. home in only 2.5 years.  We literally tossed about 30 bags of trash.  Donated so much crap.  Dumped so much junk.  Even sold so much things at our first garage sale lol.  

Slowly, but surely….  Things are falling into place.  We were able to furnish all of the rooms, and even began to decorate.  We had a lot of DIY projects as well.  Still more to come, but I think we’ve done well within only a few months.  No more morning sickness and icky feeling.  My energy has returned!!  Hopefully soon I can post some of my DIY projects, home decorating, and even our home building experience.



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