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Wow!  I have been away from this blog for too long.  I finally got my domain up and running again. <~ Welcome back!

I have been so into my vlog channel lately that I forget how much I used to enjoy Blogging.  I may not have the time to blog as much as I did in my teens and early 20's, but I need to rekindle the love and passion I once had for it. 

Vlogging has just been so much easier.  As mother of 3 beautiful babies, speaking to the camera about our current events and some of my thoughts are just so much more convenient.   Vlogging also dubs as a keepsake for the whole family.  I get to document my children as they are growing.  A year and a few months in my vlogging game, and looking back at our videos, I can already see so much growth within my babies. 

It's a plus that they also enjoy the snippets of filming throughout our weeks and be able to replay it via YouTube.  Through our vlogs, I've seen Karson grow a whole year older, from my toddler to my soon to be school boy.  I've seen Isaiah grow into this big helper and brother in just a little over a year.  My baby girl's birth day was also shared on our channel, and I don't regret sharing that intimate moment with everyone.  Now, we are about to celebrate her first birthday.   Please believe I am going to "try" to film some of that for all of us to one day look back at.

Understanding my reason for vlogging, some of you may never will.  Unless you're about this vlog/blog/social media life too, then your judgements and opinions may just flourish your brains.  First of all, this is me doing me.  I am a stay at home mommy who is busy running her home but do make time for a hobby.  Some of you may portray me as the housewife who has nothing better to do.  Well, it is somewhat true.  This is a new found hobby and I have every right to apply it in my life as much as I want.

Besides the whole deal about my videos being keepsakes for my family, it has also grown into so much more.  This hobby of mine is going to continue no matter what the haters, secret admirers, frenemies, and critics think.  

If you haven't already, please subscribe to my mommy channel:
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