On The Run Tour

I still remember like it was yesterday,  that morning when I raced to purchase OTR tickets.  Prior to this morning, my plan was premeditated.  I had my alarm set, my code for early ticket purchase pasted somewhere so I can easily copy it.  My debit card # and info pasted somewhere as well so I can easily copy it.  I also had to arrange my son’s school drop off plan so that my hubby can take him, even though he just got off work that morning. 

I remember posting on FB about it too.  All the feedback from people kept me well reminded of what’s to come the morning of ticket purchase.  I had Beyoncé and Jay Z crazily heavy on my mind, I don’t think I could have forgotten about buying the tickets.  I probably even lost sleep the night before.

A little bit of background…  I’ve seen Beyoncé perform twice before OTR.  The first time was back in 2004 during the Verizon first ladies concert with Tamia, Missy Elliott and Alicia Keys.  That’s during Crazy in Love era.  Loved her then, but I think Tamia topped my groupiness back then.  I’ve just always loved Beyoncé since the beginning of Destiny’s Child. 

Second time seeing Queen Bey was back in 2006 during the last Destiny’s Child concert.  This concert was memorable because I went with a lot of good friends and because I was pregnant lol.  But I’d have to say our seats were so disappointing.  It was at the Staples center and I kid you not, I could touch the very back top wall where the Laker jerseys hung lol.  Gosh, I remember even having binoculars to view them.

I totally missed out on so many Beyoncé concerts in the past.  I remember wanting to go to the I Am Sasha Fierce concert and especially the Mrs. CARTER tour.  I was pregnant with my 3rd during the Mrs. Carter tour. 

In the past decade, my obsession for Beyoncé grew yearly.  She just kept releasing hits after hits and looking so hot every time.  But I’d have to say,  I lost my mind when she dropped her secret album in December.  Since then, my obsession probably tripled.  

The morning of ticket purchase arrived.   My mommy duties were delegated to my mom and hubby just as planned.  Then the exhilarating feeling quickly diminished as ticketmaster kept loading and never gave me seats for what seemed like forever.  I even had various windows open and even had my phone browser open,  trying.  Still, no luck with the code sent from  Beyoncé.com. 

An hour or so has passed and I’ve texted with a few friends a long the way.  No luck for anyone.  Then finally, one of my friends sent me a different code to try at 10 am.  I believe this was the Chase code.  I shared this code with some friends, and finally at 10am, we were all able to purchase the best tickets we can using that code.

The countdown begun from then on. 


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