No Days Off

Okay, so I don’t necessarily work lol.  But as a Stay At Home Mom, please believe I do work.  I love my time at home with my babies and I am so blessed to have this opportunity.  Even with having help around, such as my Mom and MIL, most duties and everything in between still falls on my plate.

No complaints.  Just a whine haha.  Perhaps this vent is perfect timing because my mom is in Cali, hubby is working the night shift this week, and to top it off……  I am sick! 

After last weekend’s Birthday shindig (blog to come), I think all of my lack of sleep and malnourished weekend has finally caught up to me.  I knew my hoarsed voice was going to be the beginning of a long week. 

Monday and Tuesday,  I was already complaining about my voice and how dry my throat has been.  Come Wednesday and bam!  Sore Throat full throttle!  The whole shabang sans a fever.  Although I have been feeling flu-like symptoms. 

As a mommy of 3, I have had no choice but to keep on chugging.  Hubby couldn’t get any days off, and my mom’s cali trip happened to be this  week too.  Don’t get me wrong, hubby has been doing so well with helping as much as he could.  Even losing sleep just to help me get our day started.  Mind you, he comes home from work in the morning.

My MIL has came by to help for a few hours too.  But as my boys bicker, and my baby cries….  they all seem to find their way back to me and screaming “mommy!” all day. 

Mother’s out there.  I commend us.  We are not human.   We are robotic super heroes.  As I lay in bed and look back at my day, I can’t help but smile because even with the craziness in a day of my life, it is still the best days of my life.   I don’t know how we got through the past couple of days with me feeling this way….  but we are getting through it. 

The weekend is approaching and I am ready for my hubby’s day off on Sunday and for my mom to get back.   We miss her help!!   Oh and we miss her too.  Lol. 


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