Vegas Eats: SkinnyFATS

SkinnyFATS, located on Dean Martin in an Industrial Business area.  I first heard of this place through some friends on Instagram who would post about this place.  It wasn’t the food they were posting that lured my interest.  Neither was it a personal recommendation.  It was actually the name of the restaurant that had me curious.

Skinny Fat…  hmmm..  kind of sounds like me.  I’ve lost a ton of weight however, I’m still fat.  Okay, I guess I mean I have a lot of fat to shed and slough.

I’ve had this pace bookmarked on my Yelp for months.  Hubby and I have said we’d try it together someday but my first day at Skinny Fats happened with a couple girlfriends.

First impression: Upon arrival, I’m like, “what the fuck, this place is hella small?”  I was a little caught off guard with its location as well.  But then I get it.  Perfect spot.  It caters to all the business around the area.

Then of course, with that comes clientele, word of mouth, yelp, instagram posts.  The name of the place is pretty darn clever as it perfectly fits its menu.  The message and idea is pretty loud and clear. 

SKINNY = catering the health conscious eaters.  Healthy, however, food is deliciously labeled and described that you forget your looking at the healthy menu. 

FATS = need I describe this?  This menu entertains the hearty palate and the foodies.  The “cheat meal” for the skinnies.  The extra saucy, meaty, a little bit greasy. 

Me and the girls kind of, sort of cheated.  We were on yelp checking out all of the pictures while in line.  It definitely helped us put an image to the menu we had at hand.  Without even reading reviews about what to order —  the food photos spoke louder than words. 

As we were making our decision, we also had to worry about where the fuck we were going to sit our hungry asses.  I mean, the dining space was really small.  Probably about less than 25 seats in house.  We had a pregnant girl with us.  Our chances of finding a seat at a table was pretty slim at the rate we were going in line because everyone looks like they’re eating really slow or they have just gotten their food.

We ended up having to sit at a high table with a high chair.  I felt so bad for our friend, but she reassured us of her comfort.  Service seemed pretty fast considering there was a line. 

Whatever the girls ordered, all looked so good.  And it was, as validated by them.  Now, let’s get to what I ordered….  I had the Sweet CheesUs.  It had me at steak and cheese.  I thought, ‘oh kind of like Philly cheesesteak’.


Nope.  It was it’s own thang.  Strips of perfectly cooked steak.  Banana peppers and melted, gooey cheese.  The side of truffle fries gave it a little umph too.  This was so delicious, my friend said she could hear me moaning as if I was having food orgasms  in my mouth.  It was truly a party in my mouth for sure.

I went all out on the fats menu because I accompanied my meal with a root beer float.  Fack!  I know.  Whyyyy???  It was good at the moment but totally regretted adding that additional junk in my trunk hahaha. 

We loved this place so much, we all decided we’d definitely be going back.  I did go a second time recently with my hubby, except we picked up the food to go.  It was still as delicious but the experience is not as great as enjoying it in the actual restaurant.  Peeps the pics at the end of this blog, but first some tips if you decide to check it out.
– prepare for a line during lunch rush hours.
– nominate a friend to stand out of line to find and reserve his seat (don’t forget to order his food lol)
– you can order in advance for pick up to avoid the crowded, claustrophobia inducing space.
– they deliver!!
– if you’re going for the skinny menu, do not look at yelp photos!
– the skinny menu looks bomb too.








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