True Friends, Please Stand Up


#Regram via @robhillsr. 

Idgaf about your past.  You shouldn’t give a fuck about mine.  You’ve wronged me before?  With or without my knowledge, that’s okay, I forgive you. It’s all about the present; Who you are and where you stand in my life.

You see, I hit that reset button a long time ago.  A clean slate.  But………. I’m not going to sit here and wait to treat people the way I want to be treated but instead treat them the way they treat me.   

I’ve been observant to everyone’s current events and apparent doings.  I’m keeping track of all that is genuine.  I’m keeping count of all that you do to benefit my soul.  I’m keeping tabs on all of your efforts.

If we were once enemies or opposed of one another but are friends now, make sure your intentions are as real as mine….  I wouldn’t let you back in my life just because social media says it’s okay (friend request accepted), unless you are 100 with me.

“Make sure everyone on your boat is rowing with you and not drilling holes when you’re not looking.” -anonymous

I keep a lot of shit about me public, so trust me, you don’t need to follow me to follow me…  You feel me?  They say, it’s best to have an enemy be real with you than have a fake friend who hugs you.  True.  

Social media doesn’t make us friends.  It keeps us acquainted.   If you interact with me on Instagram or Facebook, then we’re cool.  If you check on me via text or a phonecall from time to time, then we’re good.  If you are present outside of my posts, then we’re great.  If you are in this with a full and honest heart, then we’re even better! 

I tend to forgive easily, but I never forget.  The memory of the unforgotten is excused based on your current role in my life today.  I respect myself enough to make sure someone is worthy of my trust and friendship.  Regardless of the past we have experienced together, good or bad…  I’m about right now and how we can grow together and grow one another for the future. 

I’ve been there and done that with a lot of fake bitches.  So many times that I have now acquired a 6th sense for knock off personalities.  I am at a point in my life where I am mature enough to keep it cordial with a fake.  However, I keep that brick wall barrier well guarded.  Sometimes a fake can get tricky and start sounding authentic. 

True Friends, please stand up.  Not because I need to know, but because I already know and I’d like to give you a virtual hug.  Perhaps a real hug when I see you.  Thank you for being real in this world of unpredictable personalities. Your presence in my life today means the world to me. This means you’ve stuck by my side through all the good and bad. You continue to accept me unconditionally. Your love, time and effort is all locked and treasured.



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