Sleepless Mommy

It’s sick week in our home.  It’s only sick week when the virus or whatever other sickness affects more than the first person to acquire it.  This week, it was the flu.  It first hit my eldest, then the domino effect occured.

Today, I feel like a zombie.  I don’t know why that is the term given when someone means they are running on no sleep.  Today marks a week and 2 days since Isaiah first showed symptoms.  I had a little more sleep then.

With asthma and high fevers, there was no way he was going to school.  Everyday we said he was going to school the next day, only to wake up to more fever and coughs.  Missing 3 days of school last week, we finally took him to the pediatrician.  She’s an Antibiotic prescriber pro.  Any other time we’d refuse, but it was worth a try for my son to get better sooner.

All week and weekend, we tried our best to keep all sanitary precautions.  Even kept my son confined in his room all day and away from his siblings.  I guess not enough disinfectants and sanitizers could keep this bug from infecting anymore of my babies.  Not even prophylactic measures such as increased vitamin C was effective.

Today is Friday.  Isaiah no longer has fever as of Monday, but has infected both Karson and Kaleah this week.  Karson no longer has fevers as of yesterday.  Kaleah too, however, you could imagine she has been the most difficult.  At one years old and unable to  voice what she is feeling is so saddening.  You can see t he struggle in her cough, her eyes and by her lack of sleep.

Isaiah went to see the pediatrician on Monday for an updated note for school.  An hour into their appointment with my hubby, Karson spiked a fever.  Karson went in to see the pediatrician Tuesday, and late that evening, Kaleah spiked a fever.  So guess where we went on Wednesday?  Yes, the pediatrician.

Lack of sleep for me since last week because Isaiah’s coughing and asthma was happening in the middle of the night.  Of course I had to take measures to keep him comfy.  Karson would have to be the easiest of the 3.  He’d take his meds and sleep through the night and through his naps in the day. 

Kaleah has kept me up because poor baby girl can not sleep well herself.  Her phlegmy cough startles her and induces her to vomit any little amount of food or drink she consumed.  I am on the clock trying to hydrate her as much as I can. 

I am sleepless, but that’s okay.  Im tired and need to hit the gym to sweat since its been a couple of weeks.  That’s okay, I can sweat it out next week.  My kids are sick with the flu, but in the light of things, it could be worse therefore I’m grateful.  I’m grateful I am able to care for them and guide them back to health.  I’m grateful for having medical insurance.  I am grateful for our support system in this house.  My hubby and mom has been such a big help to us.  I’m grateful for my children and I continue to pray for their good health. 


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