OOTD: A Hot Day in Fall


Fall is here but is absent in Vegas.  It was a hot, 93 degrees out today.  Not the triple digit, hot as hell norm, but it was still pretty darn hot.  Outside of real problems in this world, my recent struggle has been figuring out what the heck to wear in this battle between season and weather.

I’ve literally been stuck at home for the past couple of weeks because my 3 kidlets have been sick.  Pajamas and house clothes are my besties lately.  It was hubby’s first day off in a long time, so I wanted to dress up a little today.

Sitting in the middle of my walk-in closet with style-block (synonymous to writer’s block lol).  The weather was telling me to wear less clothing, shorts, tank, sandals, corals, pastels, floral and such.  But my mind is so set on Autumn, it was screaming, “Wear boots, with a cable knit sweater, an Infinity scarf and dark lipstick!!” 

I got up to dig through what I had, in hopes of coming up with some sort of medium between the weather and season.  20 minutes (that i didn’t have) later, I think I found it!  Royal blue skirt with a black top.  Dark, deep colors.  Brown booties that I recently purchased from the Sam & Libby Edelman collection from target.  Booties are great for transition, I think.  A straw hat and skinny brown belt to warm this outfit up, and I was good to go.




Hat: hat kiosk in Downtown Disney CA
Top: Rhapsodielle
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Booties: Sam & Libby for Target
Watch: Kenneth Cole


2 thoughts on “OOTD: A Hot Day in Fall

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    haha it’s the opposite in ny – it’s getting really cold!! love your outfit though, especially the hat ❤

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