Vegas Eats: LechePuto

Okay, so this is not about an actual location.  This post is about a pretty interesting filipino dessert made from a local, probably at-home business.  This concoction is two filipino desserts in one.  The infamous Puto, a steamed rice cake and Leche Flan, a sweet egg custard. 

The business name is Sweet Craves.  I found them through my friend of Eva Rose Cakery, who referred me to Sweet Craves’ instagram page.  Visually, these things were so freaking pretty.  Their posts of their desserts were so interesting I decided to text the number provided to inquire.  The person at the other end said it would be 10 for $10 for 1st time buyers.  They only took orders and delivered on Saturdays.  Perf!  I went ahead and ordered 20 pieces.

Saturday afternoon came, and a confirmation text came.  They said the delivery would be made soon so my fatty self got excited lol. 

First Impression:
-Beautifully packaged in colorful boxes.
-Ribbons kept it pretty and together.
-the colors were all pretty, vibrant pastels.  The leche flan on top made it look even prettier.
-cleverly, their business tags were layed out in a couple of the lecheputo



After taking a dozen photos for this blog, my instagram, and a video clip for my vlog, I finally took my first bite.  Texture was nice, as if it was a perfect puto.  Initial impression with my first bite, I couldn’t taste the leche flan and the puto sort of tasted like play doh.  Doh!!!!

Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I ate another one lol.  This time, the puto tasted better and the leche flan’s  flavor was finally presented better.  I think it was the blue ones that had the playdoh like tastes, but the rest were pretty yummy.  My mother in law and mom both enjoyed it. 

Over all, I think I’d order again for parties and guests, but never again for my own pleasure.  I do recommend it to everyone who is curious and would like to order from them. 




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