OOTD: Caged Booties


This was a few days ago.  My friend and I had lunch at Giada’s at the Cromwell.  In the evening, my family and I went to the Grand Opening of the Downtown Summerlin mall.  The warm weather is still chillin in the 90’s here during the day.  I went all black with a light black blazer.

Black because, again, the season and weather do not match.  Shorts, to accomodate me during this heat.  Light Blazer/jacket to Fall me up a little bit and just in case it gets a little cool at night. 

I love it when Sam & Libby Edelman comes out with cute collections at Target.  I had to have these caged bootie stilleto heels with laces.  I rarely buy stilleto heeled shoes that are cheap because of an experience one of my old friends had that traumatized me.  (I get into that a little more in this BLOG.)  But, Sam Edelman is a shoe brand I do trust.  It’s such a treat when I find high end designer collections in collaboration with Target. 

This is probably the first time in forever I’m wearing stilleto heels again.  For a Target high heel, I’d have to say it is pretty dang comfortable.  I would definitely suggest these shoes to you, you and you.



Shoes: Sam & Libby got Target
Blazer: Forever 21
Scalloped shorts: Rhapsodielle


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