Resting Bitch Face

The expression, Resting Bitch Face, cracks me up.  According to Urban Dictionary, “it is when a person looks mean when their face is expressionless, but means no harm.”


I am amused by this phrase because I still find myself doing the resting Bitch face.  I’m nice as heck and anybody that knows me well can tell you that.  But sometimes, it just takes a lot of effort to keep a smile on your face.  Even at my happiest moments, going from a smile to resting Bitch face default.

Looking serious all the time gives the impression that I’m stuck up.  Especially in my high school days.  But it’s not even like that at all.  This is why we should really never judge a book by its cover. 

-Smiling gives you wrinkles.
-Lipstick looks better on a resting Bitch face.
-My cheeks get extra large when I smile.
-Resting Bitch face is my poker face.  Don’t try to read my mood bitches, because it does not reflect from my facial expressions all the time.

Don’t get it twisted!  I love to laugh and smile with my loves.  I probably smile and laugh more than I have a resting Bitch face. 


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