Mission: Mansur Gavriel

It’s March 5th, why are you not restocked?! I feel like I’ve been waiting for Mansur Gavriel to restock forever now. I’ve been on that MG thrill for awhile but never really cared much for having one at that moment. It never fails, but when something is in such high demand and hard to get…. That is when I itch and want it even more.

Mid last year, I started to fall in love with the Large Tote in Flamma. It is a big black leather tote with a red interior; beautiful piece and such a reasonable price. $485

After searching everywhere online and calling stores such as Barneys in town, I found out it was completely sold out EVERYWHERE. eBay, I can NOT, will NOT trust. Too many replicas are already out there and this brand hasn’t even been out too long. With all my research around that time, and speaking to other store sales personnel, I came to realize how high in demand this brand was.

As I continue to grow fond of this purse, I start to notice other brands with the similar concept. Solid leather with a different solid color interior. Especially the tote. That’s when I started looking into other styles from this brand besides the tote. Then I fell in love all over again. The bucket bag though!!! $495

This was more up my alley. Cross body and it has an actual closure part at the opening. As a mommy of 3 who is always on the go, this was more for me. The tote is still such a pretty purse and would love to have it some day as well.  But for my very first MG, the bucket would have to be the first to come home with me.

I have been on the lookout for what seems like a few months now on all the listed stockists’ websites. All claims restocking will be in March. I have followed MG’s social media as well as all stores carrying the brand on IG and FB. My impatient, obsessive ass has been stalking MG’s website and calling all the department stores since March 1st.  Only 5 days deep, but I am yearning to have this in my collection stat.

I received an email from MG yesterday, as a response to my inquiry about restocking. I was impressed with the prompt response amid their possible busy behind the scenes tactics, preparing for their upcoming re-release of their collections. They told me they will be restocking mid-March to end of March. No wait lists or preorders available because of the large volume of demand ahhh!!

Even though I have been informed by Mansur Gavriel company themselves, I will still be stalking every single stockist site and store hahaha.


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